Are you finding that your candidate pool is small and full of poor quality recruits? Recruiting isn’t easy, and it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that there is something about the way you are going about it that is attracting the wrong kind of talent.

Professional recruitment agencies advise these possible reasons as to why your company isn’t getting the right kind of candidate that it’s looking for.

1. Posting Job Ads in the Wrong Place

There are a number of places where you can post your job ads, whether it’s at a site like LinkedIn, Indeed, or even on a more targeted website for your specific industry. In either case, you need to know where your target candidate goes when looking for jobs and post your stuff there.

2. Poorly Written Job Postings

So you know where your targeted candidates are looking but maybe you’re not crafting the right job posting to attract their attention. It’s important to stand out above the other generic ads that your candidate will be sorting through.

Think outside the box and be a little different, and even try to be exciting. Make sure you clearly explain the job and why it’s a great opportunity.

3. Complex Application Process

The problem could be that you’re application process is too complex and has too many steps to follow. Maybe they can’t apply via the website you are posting on and instead they have to go to your website and set up an account, and then re-enter all of their information all over again.

Candidates find it easy when they can directly apply to your ad from the site you are advertising on. LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” is also attractive as it allows candidates to apply for a role with one click. Some recruiters find this feature handy as well as it helps them sort through a number of candidates quickly and efficiently.

4. Taking Too Long

On top of a complex application process, you may even find that the hiring process itself is taking too long. Do you have too many steps? Are you leaving your candidates hanging for too long?

In today’s competitive market, it’s important to act quickly before someone else snatches up all of the top talent.

5. Poor Reviews

Websites like Indeed allow people to rate their work experience with an employer. If your company brand doesn’t look good there, or on sites like Glassdoor, then you may be scaring candidates away as soon as they see your company name.

If this is the case, you may need to work on problems internally first before you can focus on finding the right talent to add to your company.

6. Consider Passive Candidates

More often than not, the best candidates are usually already working and comfortable in their current role. It’s time to branch out and start actively trying to recruit passive candidates. As long as they’re willing to listen, you may be able to offer them a better opportunity than the one they currently have.

Work With a Recruiting Agency

If you’re still stuck, consider working with a recruiting agency – they’ll be able to find the perfect person for the job. When looking to fill a specialized or higher level position, you’ll want to look into an industry-dedicated agency. For instance, if you were searching for a Digital Marketing Manager, then digital marketing recruiters would deliver the best talent in a fraction of the time.