I followed a similar education and career pattern as many Americans do, I went to high school then college, before finding an entry level job in marketing. From a young age I had really wanted to put together my own business but I was never really sure that I could make it a success. After just 3 years working in marketing however, earning well I must say, I decided that I was going to take a left turn in my career and go after the business which I’d always dreamed of. I decided to save some money for the next 6 months, and just 2 months after that Soul Quest was born, my little record store in Orlando which I had to make a go of, and here is why I risked it all for this. 


I was never miserable working in marketing but I can’t ever say that I woke up in the morning with a feeling of excitement to go to work, and I really wanted that. I knew that owning my own business was never going to be easy, but at the very least I knew that I could wake up with the sense that I was going to be working for myself, in a place which made me happy. 


I understand that regret is a part of life but I can remember watching a video online which really changed my outlook. It was an elderly man who said the only regret he had was not setting up a restaurant which he had always dreamed of. In that moment I really saw myself and I decided right then that I did not want to be talking about the record store that I never created when I was in my later years. I was still young enough to do this, and young enough to pick up the pieces if it failed. 


Marketing was certainly something which I was good at which is why I went on to study it. With this being said however I never had any real passion for it, and that was something that I really needed in my life. Something which I have always been passionate about was buying and collecting records, and this is why I was so keen to set up my very own store. They say that you have to be passionate about what you do and I knew that if I took this risk, at the very least I would have that passion about going to work. 

Spice of Life

One of the biggest reasons why I made this leap was because I am one of those people with the ‘why not ‘ attitude. I hated the idea of staying in a comfortable job for the rest of my life, and I do like to take a risk now and again. 

I set the business up 5 years ago and we are going from strength to strength, proof that you can take risks and succeed.