Small businesses need to optimize their marketing materials in order to expand their companies. Business owners rely on marketing professionals like you to create unique promotional products that increase sales. These products range from online to offline materials. While there are major differences in the top promotional items, they all need to portray brand personality. Before you can begin to customize your marketing materials, you need to know what they are. Read on to learn the top must-have marketing materials for small business. 


One of the must-have marketing materials for small business is a website. In order for any business to grow in today’s highly digital world, they need a quality website. Many consumers avoid giving businesses with low-quality websites the time of day. They assume that they are not credible and move onto one of their competitor’s sites. Prevent losing customers because you have a below par website. Instead, upgrade your site. Build a strong landing page that persuades consumers to continue browsing your site. Use advertisements to draw consumers to your website. Then, you will expand your small business with this must-have marketing material.

Business Cards

Marketing professionals also need to design cool business cards for their business owners. This is one of the best marketing materials because they enable advertising at any time. If a business owner runs into a prospective customer in their local coffee shop, they can hand the consumer their business card. This eliminates the chance of the consumer forgetting the company’s name. If the business owner talked a good game and offered a unique, attractive business card, the consumer is likely to purchase their products or services. This is yet another marketing material that promotes small business growth.

Branded Envelopes

Moreover, branded A7 envelopes are great marketing materials for small businesses. If you plan to launch a direct mail marketing campaign, you need branded envelopes. They display a sense of professionalism and impress consumers. To optimize your envelopes, include your brand’s logo along with the business name. While you want these features to stand out on the envelope, you do not want the entire product to come off as too flashy. Avoid presenting poorly designed envelopes by choosing colors that match your brand’s identity. If your brand’s logo and office space use soft, neutral colors, do not use hot pink on your envelopes. After all, this is your chance to give your target audience an idea of who your brand is. Persuade your small company’s potential customers to purchase products by creating branded envelopes for direct mail marketing campaigns. 


Small businesses also use t-shirts as marketing materials. You can design t-shirts at relatively inexpensive rates, making them affordable for smaller businesses that are not yet bringing in large profits. Those who decide to create branded t-shirts typically do so for specific events. If you plan to set up a booth at a local fair, you can use t-shirts to make exchanges with consumers. Give each consumer who fills out a contact form a free t-shirt. More potential customers are likely to hand over their email information when a free shirt is involved, especially if the t-shirt is well-designed. With this being said, t-shirts are great marketing materials for small businesses looking to increase their email lists. 

Presentation Folders

In addition to the above must-have marketing materials for small business, consider purchasing custom presentation folders. Companies that offer consumers lots of information during meetings and/or consultations particularly advance with this marketing material. Consumers’ satisfaction rates will rise when they leave your office with a neat, organized folder instead of a pile of messy papers. More so, providing documents in presentation folders shows consumers that your business focuses on organization. Therefore, these folders advertise a sense of legitimacy. They also prevent consumers from forgetting your brand name since it will be displayed it on the folder covers. Use presentation folders to market your small company.

To succeed in growing your small business, you need to use the best marketing materials. With that being said, create a website that is both compelling and well-structured. Design business cards that portray the brand through wording, font and color. Branded envelopes increase ROI during direct mail campaigns. T-shirts are great products for small businesses to give away at local events. Finally, custom presentation folders advertise small businesses and create a sense of professionalism that attracts consumers. Keep these must-have marketing materials in mind if you want to support your small business growth on a daily basis.