If you go out in the street and ask people if they have ever had a killer business idea then you’ll find that the large majority of people most certainly have, yet never did anything about it. This is something which is very dangerous and for any of you out there who do have a great business idea, it is vital that you take the chance to turn into a reality. Businessman Alexander Sabadash knows all too well how important it is to seize the opportunity when you have an idea, and he has also seen people fail to take their chance and lose out as a result. Here then, is just why you must take that opportunity when you have considered a great business idea.

Snooze and Lose

There was a story about a man from Arkansas who thought that it would be a great idea to have a taxi service where people could carpool with one another, and ask for a ride straight from their cellphone. The man never made the idea work, and instead stayed in his job, kept his pension, and avoided the risk. Two years later Uber blew up and has since gone on to become one of the biggest success stories we have ever seen. If you wait and don’t seize the chance, you could very well find that someone else takes that idea all the way to the bank.


Despite what people say there is little chance of getting to the end of your life with no regrets, it is inevitable that once you reach old age that you would look back and consider how differently things may have gone depending on the decisions you took. Regretting taking a decision however is not as bad as being too afraid of making a decision, and this will play on your mind when you are older and incapable of launching that business that you had always dreamed of. Make no mistake if you have a business idea and you don’t take action, it will eat away at you.


Most people fail to take action on their business plans because they are scared, they think that they are going to fail, to lose it all and to prove everyone right. The thing is, however, that on the other side of that fear is a wealth of happiness which you could find if you take the plunge and make that business idea a reality.

Worst Case Scenario

To help you get over the fear, think of what the worst-case scenario is here, bankruptcy? Loss of income? In most cases, and as long as the financial planning is well done, a failed business will result in perhaps a year of difficulty, then you will get back on your feet, back in the game, and learn the lessons of the failure that went before.

Don’t wait, don’t doubt yourself, go ahead and take your business idea to the bank, before someone else does.