Roller banners and pop up banners are highly useful pieces of marketing collateral and are ideal for getting your message across to your audience in various locations. You can use roller banners practically anywhere – from the reception of your office building to on the street. If you want to create the biggest impact, think about these roller banner tips on how to use your banners to best effect.

1. Make the Most of Geographical Location

Since roller banners and pull up banners are so easy to put up and to move, it makes sense to use them in locations where you are highlight a specific message linked to that location. For example, a roller banner can direct people to a sale you have on right now in your shop. Or a pop up banner can direct people where to sign up for an event.

2. Use Your Banner at Events

Your banners will get a great audience at an event, whether that event is yours or someone else’s. Make sure that you target the right event and also make sure that you get the right permission to advertise at the event. If you sponsor an event some banner space should be included in the sponsorship fee.

3. Create a Powerful Message

When designing your banner for banner printing, think about the amount of time people will spend reading your message. It’s not a brochure – people generally have a few seconds to spare and you need to attract their attention in that short space of time. Effective banner printing means putting the most important information on the banner and keeping things clear and bright.

4. Use the Best Graphics

Don’t add pictures for the sake of it – you need high quality and relevant images in order to give your banner the professional finishing touch. Images are very useful on a banner but they do need to be professional quality and eye-catching.

5. Make Sure You Proofread!

While you may not have much text on your banner, it is very important to check it before you send the design off to be printed. It’s not the printer’s responsibility to check for errors so make sure you do.

6. Use a Banner with Other Promotional Material

A roller banner is a great addition to a full set of marketing materials. You can design matching brochures, leaflets, and flyers to further enhance the message of your business and get it out to as many people as possible.

Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/