Here in Mokena,Il the temperatures can range between minus 50 and plus 30, in fact it isn’t just the case here in Mokena,Il but throughout the state. What this means for the residents here is that we all must have fully functioning heating and cooling systems in our home in order to cope with the freezing blasts and those humid and sticky days. For my needs I have always used Integrity heating and cooling and for over 20 years they have been the team which I have called upon when I needed help. I wanted to talk a little about this kind of loyalty which also extends to other trades which you may need to depend on.


In most cases your loyalty will almost always be rewarded with outstanding customer service and this familiarity is something which will keep you going back. When it comes to my heating and cooling needs for example, because I have used the company for so long they are absolutely outstanding with me especially so whenever I run into an issue. Customer service is hard to come by and that is why you must value it when you get it.


I knew that I needed a new coming system 3 years ago and I was told that it probably had 5 years of life left in it. For the last 2 years consecutively the team have gotten in touch with me when there were some bargains or great deals which I may wish to consider. I know that the team are still trying to make a sale, after all that is what they are in business for, but for me it felt like more about going the extra mile for their customers. This year when the call comes in I will certainly take them up on their offer and I know that they will be able to get me a great deal.


Many of the team have been with the company for as long as I have used them and as a result they know their way around me heating and cooling system perfectly. The way that my air conditioning unit is installed is slightly different from most because of the dimensions of the house and this is never a problem for them because they already know it inside out.


Because of the loyalty which I have shown to the company they are always keen to do me great deals and offer me lower prices. This makes perfect business sense of course because they know that I am a repeat customer and that I will need them again in the future. Having someone look out for your interests like this feels great and it is of course mutually beneficial.

I am speaking about a heating and repair company here in Mokena,Il but this loyalty and the benefits which you can get from it will extend to other trade companies as well.