Jeff Breault is a great friend of mine who I have known since we went to elementary school together. Jeff and I bonded over our love of all things automotive and we even did some traveling together in our late teens to go and see the Formula 1 at Silverstone and even to attend the Le Mans 24 hour race, special memories indeed. Jeff was always going to go into the car industry and he is currently the CEO of his own auto firm. Jeffrey Breault is a mercurial man who despite the pressures of his working life, is always focused and always has time for his friends. For Jeff Breault it is all about focus and he has managed to create the perfect lifestyle and work balance through understanding this, something which we can all learn from.


Jeff has always placed rules the way in which he works and that is usually a time limit on how long he will spend in the office each day. Jeff Breault is very much from the ‘work hard play hard’ school of business and when he is in the office the only attention which he gives is to his cars and his clients. I have always respected this about Jeffrey Breault and I admire that when it is time to work, he suits up, gets his head right and then gives it everything. Jeff has always been someone who leaves work at work, and his personal life away from the office.


Jeff is not at all one of the people who takes business with them wherever they go which is surprising given the level of success which his business has achieved. I understand now that because Jeff is wired this way it means that he is able to give maximum focus to whatever he happens to be doing. Jeffrey Breault loves to enjoy himself and when he isn’t at the office he is either watching car races with me, spending time with the family, attending one of his beloved country music concerts or flicking through car magazines. I am sure that it is ability to switch off office mode that gives him the chance to enjoy himself in this way.


In terms of my own health Jeff has been excellent for me and he has constantly served to inspire me when it comes to getting in shape. For as long as I have known Jeff Breault it has been cars and fitness and I am sure that because he keeps his body in great shape, he is able to give us all to every aspect of his life. Jeff has remarked to me on occasion that fitness is his sanctuary and I guess when you work in the high pressure world of business, one needs to have that release.

Jeffrey will continue to go from success to success and I must admit, he is a very inspirational person to know.