Every industry is specific and has different requirements in order to function properly. The same goes for the filling industry. If you own a business that operates in the filling industry, depending on the product you produce, you will need a specific filling machine. Whether it is a liquid or a solid material, getting the right filling machine is crucial for the success of your business. These machines will certainly increase the speed and overall productivity that you might have lacked before. That being said, there are a lot of different filling machines out there. They differ mostly on the type of product they fill and on the technologies they are based on. Because of that, you should carefully do your research so that you can pick the best one for your business. Here we will list different filling machines and how they are used in order to help you find the right one.

Liquid Filling Machine

When it comes to liquid filling machines, as you can already tell, they are used to fill containers with liquid. They can fill all kinds of beverages in many different containers. One of the key features and benefits is that a liquid filling machine always fills the container with the same amount of liquid. This way there is no waste at all and every container is perfectly filled. The liquids that can be filled with these machines consist of water, aerated drinks, cooking oil, alcoholic beverages, sauces, soups, salad dressings, and a lot more different liquids. On the topic of specialization, these machines come as automatic liquid filling machine, semi-automatic liquid filling machine, manual liquid filling machine, inline liquid filling machine, piston liquid filling machine, and rotary liquid filling machine.

Gel Filling Machine

In some sense, gel filling machines are similar to liquid filling machines. Like the liquid ones, gel filling machines can work with a wide range of different substances. They are formulated with a pump head which is the reason they can handle so many different substances overall. In general, they are used to fill some thicker liquids such as lotions, gels, and creams. However, these machines can also be used to fill some of the more runny liquids as well as paste products. These can include hair conditioners, shampoo, hair gel, cosmetic creams, honey, paste, thick sauces, car wax, cleaners, and similar. Even though they are similar to liquid filling machines, gel filling machines have their purpose.

Powder Filling Machine

The powder filling machine is manufactured with a spiral feeding technology. With this, there is no unnecessary waste of product as they fill each container perfectly. Their main speciality is filling powdered and granulated products. These can either be free-flowing or non-free-flowing. For example, free-flowing ingredients include things like salt and sugar. These ingredients do not retain their original shape under external pressure. However, non-free-flowing ingredients like powdered milk are different. They can retain their shape even when external pressure is applied. The products that you can pack with these machines include starch, pesticides, additives, and even some cosmetic products. Additionally, these machines can be used in several different industries such as the beverage industry, chemical industry as well as food industry.

Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machines are quite different compared to the ones we covered so far. The main difference is that capsule filling machines do not measure the amount that needs to be filled by weight but rather by counting the number of pieces. These machines are best suited to be used in the pharmaceutical industry as they can easily pack different medicine. They can differentiate between different types of medications easily. Whether it is a gelatin capsule, a coated tablet, or a pill, hard or soft, it proves to be no problem for this machine. Even though its main purpose lies in the pharmaceutical industry, capsule filling machines can be used in several other industries as well. These include the food industry, agriculture, healthcare as well as chemical engineering fields.

Granule Filling Machine

The last machine we will cover here is the granule filling machine. These machines are mainly used to fill different granules into a container such as packets and sachets. They are built with several vibrating trays that serve the purpose of delivering the products to a tub so they can be weighed. Upon reaching the desired weight, the machine fills the container with the product. The main usage of this machine is to replace the powder filling machine in some cases where a powder filling machine simply cannot fill a certain product reliably. Weirdly enough, granule filling machines have found their use in the chemical industry as well. This is due to the fact that they are extremely precise which greatly benefits these industries because of the necessary weight requirements.