Unemployment can be tough at times and it’s even more challenging trying to land a job when you have a disability of some description. The road to employment may feel daunting sometimes, but you don’t have to travel it alone. There is help available.

This article will be taking a look at what assistance is available for job seekers who have a disability, along with some tips on helping you find a job that you will be happy with. 

Search Online To Discover What Help Is Available

There are a number of government initiatives out there to assist people with disabilities find work and we’ll look deeper into those in the next section. It’s worth doing a general search online to see what comes up though.

Not only does the Federal Government offer assistance programs and other initiatives, but some help could also come from the private sector or non-profit organisations.

When you’re looking for work and face added challenges, you really want to dig deep and uncover everything you can find that may offer an avenue of assistance in achieving your goals. 

Employment Services for the Disabled

The Australian Government actually offers quite a good deal of assistance to disabled job seekers. It’s simply a matter of knowing what help is available and how to access it. For instance, Jobactive providers have services all around the country and can grant you access to the variety of government initiatives and assistance programs, specifically designed for disabled job seekers.

For starters, Disability Employment Services, or DES, is a government initiative designed to connect people with a disability or health problem with just the right type of assistance, and a provider to offer that assistance.

Through a Jobactive provider, you will receive the support and understanding you need. You will also undergo an assessment of your disability to determine your ability to work, what type of assistance will be available to you, the type of job roles you’ll be suited to and how many hours per week you are capable of working.

One example of assistance the government provides is that of financial incentives to employers who hire a person with a disability. To sweeten the deal so an employer gives you an opportunity, the government subsidises a portion of your wages, so there is less financial risk to the employer.

That’s just one example of assistance. Another type of assistance could include receiving skills training to improve your job prospects and make you more attractive to potential employers.

To learn more, do some research online for DES, or have a chat with a local Jobactive provider or Centrelink. 

Find a Local Support Group

You may discover that there are support groups for people with disabilities in your local area, where you can all come together and discuss various challenges – like finding a job – and give each other advice and encouragement.

While this may not be direct job search assistance, it’s always invaluable to be able to mingle with other like-minded people who are facing similar challenges to yourself. You’ll also make some new friends in the process and develop a new social group.

If you can’t locate a support group in your local area, then there will be many groups online that you could become a member of. 

Some Companies Specifically Hire People With Disabilities

There are companies in Australia that specifically hire disabled job seekers to give everyone in the community a fair go. It’s worth searching online to see if you can discover some companies who actively do this, then send them an email to let them know that you’re looking for work and are keen. You could even attach your resume to the email, so the employer can keep your details on file until a position becomes available.

You don’t have to limit yourself to employers who make it known that they give disabled job seekers a go. You could approach businesses that you’re interested in and simply explain your situation. You won’t know what might come of it unless you give it a go. 

The Wrap

There is assistance available, so don’t despair if you’ve been struggling, and definitely don’t go it alone when you don’t have to. Take full advantage of any assistance program available to you.