Buying a car is one of the largest and most significant investments we can make. Value will inevitably drop from the moment you drive your new car off the forecourt, but choose wisely and you can still receive a return on investment. You’ll need to factor in servicing and running costs and the time and money that driving it will save you compared to using public transport. It also pays to select a vehicle with a good sell-on value, and color can be one of the main determinants in this. Look out for these popular colors for these much-loved car types.

Sports Sedans – Red

Sports sedans are among the most popular types of automobile; their practicality means that they’re a smart choice for business executives, and yet they also possess real power which makes driving them a joy from start to finish. Beautiful models such as the Kia Stinger also possess sleek lines that turn heads wherever they go, while still offering excellent value for money. 

The most popular color for this car type is red, so reminiscent of speed and performance and bringing to mind the famous Ferrari cars which have dominated motor sport over the decades. Yellow is also a popular choice, once again bringing with it a sporty, stylish feel.

Off Road Cars – Black

4x4s and SUVs are some of the most practical vehicles you can buy, because they have a large interior space that can be used for luggage, shopping or the children and the family dog; even celebrities are opting for them. They are also designed to be incredibly tough and robust, which means they can hold onto their value and be more re-saleable at a later age than many other types of automobile. 

Added to this, of course, is the fact that they can also be used for off road purposes, and this is why black remains the most popular color for off road capacity vehicles. It’s a color that is much easier to clean than lighter hues, and it can better hide the mud that shows that the car and its driver have been having a lot of fun.

Convertibles – White

When the sun is out, what can be better than driving around town, or hitting the freeway, with the top down and a breeze in your hair? That’s one reason why convertibles will never go out of fashion; they’re simply the coolest automobile type of them all, and cool will always be popular

When it comes to selling on your pre-loved convertible, condition can make a big difference, so ensure that you take good care of the interior of the car and its paintwork. When it comes to that paintwork, one color above all others is prized: white. Perhaps this is because it creates a contrast with practical cars in black, as we looked at above, and instead shows that here is a car simply for cruising and displaying its aesthetic qualities?


These three types of car are among the varieties which hold their re-sale value best, especially if you remember the popular color choice in each category. That can make your car a great investment, as well as a great way to get from A to B.