Are you looking to add value to your property?

When it comes to selling your home, you want to get the price possible. Buyers are looking for homes that are well put together and have all the mod-cons these days. But it can be difficult knowing which modifications will be most worth it.

Don’t worry! Check out this article on what adds value to a home appraisal.

1. Minor Kitchen Remodeling

As the heart of the home, most buyers will be paying the most attention to the kitchen. It’s a room where the family spends most of their time and it has to be right.

Making sure your kitchen is modern, fresh and up-to-date will pay off when valuing your home. You don’t need to install a new kitchen though, minor adjustments can go a long way. Minor kitchen remodeling consists of:

  • Replacing cabinet fronts or repainting them
  • Changing cupboard and cabinet hardware
  • Replacing stovetops and ovens with energy-efficient ones
  • Replacing or repainting flooring
  • Updating countertops

2. Add Energy-Efficient Windows

Buyers are more desirous of homes with great energy efficiency. They want to save money and help protect the environment. So, single-pane, drafty, old windows can turn them off.

Consider updating your windows to energy-efficient models. You can expect to recoup between 60-90% of your investment. If you install Energy Star rated windows you’ll also get a green tax credit of 10%. You might even qualify for further credits so check with your State and utility company.

3. Add a Bathroom

Homes with one bathroom tend not to be as attractive as those with more. By adding an extra bathroom, you could see a return on your investment of up to 130%.

When looking for a place to install this bathroom, look for extra rooms or spaces you aren’t using. Decide what you want to install. A half bath needs at least 18 square feet and a full tub with shower will need 30. To have a comfortable sized full bathtub, allow for 35 square feet.

4. Add a Deck

As more people opt for staycations, outdoor space is becoming more desirable. Adding a deck is a great way to add value to your home. Having a more appealing backyard will attract more positive attention from buyers.

It’s estimated you can recoup between 65-90% of your investment by adding a deck. The cost of adding it can vary. It will depend on the size you want and what features it will have like built-in seating or flowerbeds. You can see costs of around $1,000 to upwards of $10,000.

5. Basic Updates

Of course don’t overlook, simple, cheap ways to increase home value. Make sure the paintwork looks fresh and clean. Fix any leaks and replace any worn or rotten materials. Deal with any issues like mold immediately.

Buyers want a safe, solid and healthy home that they can move right into. They’re going to be checking for signs of poor maintenance as this will be jobs for them to do if they buy your home.

Now You Know What Adds Value to a Home Appraisal

So there you have it! You now know what adds value to a home appraisal. Make some of these changes and you’ll be sure to get higher offers on your home that you deserve.

Don’t overlook things like updating paintwork and fixing issues you’ve been putting off. Consider adding extra amenities like another bathroom. And appeal to a more energy-conscious generation of buyers.

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