These gift ideas for new home owners will wow your friends

Moving into a new home and trying to get everything in order always means having to buy new things. Even if it’s not a first home, things get left behind, whether by accident or simply because it’s not worth the effort to move them. New homes also need all sorts of extras that may not have been needed before, especially if there are serious renovations being done. If you have friends or family members dealing with this at the moment, your gift could be a big help.

Things to consider

After moving, it takes a while to find storage space for everything. Additional clutter is unlikely to be welcome, even if people are nice about it. Think carefully before you buy and make sure that what you’re getting will actually be useful. Make sure your choices fit in with the tastes of the new home owners, and find out if they’re using any themes in their decoration plans so that you can fit in with these too.

Budget options

There’s no need to worry that if you have a small budget you can’t be helpful, because usually small items are a lot of what’s needed. Look out for discounts and special offers, check auction sites and use affordable shopping options like as seen on TV. You’ll be saving the recipient time as well as money at a point where they have an awful lot to do, and your gift could help to make life a lot easier.

Gifts for the kitchen

People often leave behind a lot of their old kitchen gear when they move, and other things get damaged in transit. This means there are lots of ways you can help. A good quality new toaster, blender, or ice cream maker could be very welcome. Replacement crockery or glassware is likely to come in useful, and you could also help by replacing the kind of food items likely to have been allowed to run out before the move, such as jams, tinned goods, and baking supplies.

Gifts for the bathroom

New towels make a lovely way to welcome a new home, and they’ll help to make its inhabitants feel fresh again after doing hard work renovating or unpacking. Coordinating bath mat sets immediately make a functional room more comfortable. Shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions, don’t tend to be transported between homes, so they’re a nice welcome gift and add a touch of luxury. You might also consider a water-safe radio or mp3 player designed for use when showering or bathing.

Gifts for the bedroom

New rooms deserve to feel and smell new, and there’s nothing like new bed sheets to create that sensation. A cozy bedside rug is lovely to step onto in the mornings. Storage boxes designed to fit under the bed or on top of wardrobes are always useful, especially in the early stages when not everything has a proper place to live. Bedside lamps can create a warm, reassuring mood. For a larger room, an ottoman or an easy chair sends the message that this is a place not just for sleeping but for relaxing and enjoying quiet time.

Gifts for the living room

Lamps and rugs can also make a great choice for the living room, with attractively designed standing lamps adding a real touch of class. Although most people will want to choose their own furniture, you could help by giving them vouchers for furniture stores, and art store vouchers are a great way to help them decorate. You could also buy accessories like cushions and vases. Potted plants are a great choice as most people don’t try to move many of them, and they immediately make a room look brighter, fresher and more like a home.

Gifts for children

Moving can be particularly challenging for children, who may be leaving behind the only home they’ve ever known. Gifts that help them connect to the new place can be a big help with this. Child-sized furniture or beanbags are a good option, as are posters and ornaments that go with their particular interests and help them put their individual stamp on their space.

In any new home, it takes a while to adjust and really feel like you belong. Having some new possessions that don’t remind you of anywhere else can help with making that adjustment. When you give someone a gift to celebrate their move into a new home, you’re helping them to embrace a new life.