No matter the serious crime that landed you in trouble, how do you go about getting yourself out of it?

For many individuals, it boils down to hiring the right criminal defense attorney. He or she can be the difference in whether you end up losing your case or you come out on the winning end.

With that being the case, finding the best criminal defense attorneys to select from isn’t that hard. Given many of them are online; you should have little or no trouble finding one to take your case.

Once you have legal counsel, it is important that you and your legal team mount as strong a case as possible.

Where Do You Begin?

To mount the best legal defense you can, keep these keys in mind:

1. Evidence

To start, what kind of evidence does the prosecution have as it relates to your case?

Often, prosecutors may say they have evidence, but in reality, their cases are not as strong as they claim. As a result, defendants have a chance to walk away free from any convictions or at least have a shot at a good plea deal.

If you allegedly assaulted someone, will the evidence show it was self-defense? If accused of a DUI, did breathalyzer test law enforcement gave you at the scene prove faulty?

By having legal counsel poke holes in prosecution claims, you open up chance of avoiding jail.

2. Eyewitnesses

The role of an eyewitness to a reported crime is of major importance too.

What if you face charges of injuring someone in an auto accident where alcohol was present? Can the prosecution show beyond a shadow of a doubt that you in fact were both drunk and the cause of the accident?

As it turns out, one or more witnesses to the crash scene may have a different story to tell. If they do, they could be your ticket to freedom and having all charges dropped.

Along with individuals, look for any video evidence that can prove your innocence. Whether it is cell phone video or from video cameras, do your best to find evidence supporting your side.

3. Past

If you sport a clean criminal record, make sure it works to your advantage.

Keep in mind that many judges do in fact look at one’s past to see if there is a criminal history there. When there is not, individuals can get a break on the charges they are facing. The same holds true with any punishment that you may receive.

Last, make sure your legal counsel works on a plea deal if it becomes a necessity. Though having a conviction is not great, a lesser sentence with fewer expenses and jail time is good.

With that in mind, are you ready to put forth a strong legal defense right now?