Moving from your home and to your place in your student lodging is also one of the most exciting yet sometimes daunting things about going to college. Not only are you going to be living in a holiday destination for the next year and meet your best friends, but it will also teach you a lot of precious life skills such as budgeting and the preparation of your nutritious foods. And your choice of accommodation may either split your experience in the first year of your university. Amber student also set up some great tips to help you pick the room you are going to need.


The location of your student lodging will make a significant difference. If you’re near the school, it’s typically a quick walk to lectures and the library, and it can be useful if you’re new to the city and get to know where everything is. The place for your student is one of the most important things you need to look at. Some accommodations are near the school, while others are in the centre of the area. You can easily access the campus via public transport if you want to pick out a spot further away such as Scape Dublin. Don’t go too far from the campus, or you might make your life a little more challenging.

Get connected

Know that your school will also be the location where you will learn and review a lot. For most students, it is therefore essential to have a good, stable internet connection. Start by studying which residential areas have the best Wi-Fi options in advance. Social media is an ideal way to do so since many lodging blocks will have their groups where current students can ask themselves what their names are.


Not everybody is going to worry you have a lavish student lodging, but make sure you live in a well-kept property including nice bedrooms and furnishings such as good chairs and a study table. Many student apartments are down very well and are notorious for their efficiency below average. There are several luxurious student housing companies in the country, such as Collegiate, and you will find fabulous properties for which you will fall in love. If you hope for luxury, search the student accommodation of Collegiate before they are available.


As a student, you don’t have much money as you don’t work entirely, so you have to make sure you think of the expense. Try to figure out a budget and how much you can afford with the money that will be available every month. If you can invest a little more, take note that you love all the advantages provided by the incredible luxury properties.


One of the things you need when you are at university is internet access, so check that when booking student accommodation in particular. Other amenities, including laundry facilities, a communal dining space, a private gymnasium and more, you can also look into. Specific capacity provides a lot for those who visit, so make sure you research to find the right accommodation for you. Take our advice and find suitable accommodation for your student.

Home comfort

The possibilities are very diverse when it comes to student accommodation. Do you need just a space in which to lay your head? Great for you may be a single room with a bathroom in an apartment. However, you might want a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom if you want more luxury and privacy. Before you start searching, know what you want from your room; this makes it easier to reduce your choices. Suppose you want to ensure that your accommodation is as comfortably situated as your space at home. In that case, you can also discover spacious student apartments in areas within the United Kingdom, including Exeter. They have centrally situated apartments that give superior style to what you would usually find in this particular location. The home’s comforts include a beautifully built room, a quiet study room, onsite fitness facilities, an exclusive dining room and a safe bike storage facility. 


You want to feel secure in your student housing, so make sure that safety is a top priority before signing an agreement for a bed. Many student halls will be fitted with security guards, but otherwise, make sure that the students with a well-equipped reception desk and an emergency assistance number are at least securely fob and keyboard entry.

Communal areas

Many of your mates are going to be from your housing while you’re at university. And while you study hard, you will still want to relax and spend a little time enjoying and keeping your college memories lasting. There is also a fitness centre, a games room or even onsite cinema in the communal areas?

You think you’re hitting the jackpot with a low rental rate somewhere, although note that a low cost per month typically does not include bills. You don’t have to worry about this if you live in the halls, as the rent is normally charged and included with the internet. But don’t despair if you look at private lodging! Only check whether the rent contains bills and then make sure they do not ask how many bills they are usually every month. In student homes, you must check if the link is sufficiently decent to meet the needs of a student / Netflix household.

Watch if it is worth the extra costs for private accommodation? Usually, you can rely on plenty of benefits to justify spending-which might save you money in the long term.


No one likes to read the small print on contracts, but an arrangement of accommodation far weights the terms and conditions which you will follow during the download of an app. Make sure you know the term of the contract and the value of your deposit and that there is a clemency period to leave without violating the agreement if you make up your mind that you are not entitled to accommodation. Want to live in a house in joint? If you are all responsible for unpaid bill payments separately or if the liability is for the entire house, you can announce your contract. As far as your deposit is concerned, make sure that your landlord places this in a safeguard system and gives you the necessary information.