When you have a small space, you need to pay extra attention to the furniture you buy. You may need it to double as a bed, for instance, or just need it to take up as little room as possible. For this reason, you may want to purchase a Yogibo or Moon Pod if your home is not very large. When it comes to Moon Pod vs Yogibo, though, which one is better for small spaces? We’ll tell you!

Sitting Versus Lying

The first factor to consider when thinking about whether you should buy a Yogibo or Moon Pod for your small space is what you’re going to use it for. If you want to have a piece of furniture that can double as a bed, either product will work well for comfort; however, the Yogibo is longer than the Moon Pod and will allow you to support your entire body from head to toe while you sleep. 

If you’re just looking to have a comfortable place to sit, the Moon Pod may be a better option, since you can put it anywhere and it will be self-supported. The Yogibo, on the other hand, requires a wall behind it to support you as you sit. That being said, most small spaces will have a wall or other solid surface to support the Yogibo, so this may not be much of a problem.

Weight and Size of the Chair

The weight and size of the bean bag chair you choose to put in a small space is important, especially if you are going to use it in multiple rooms. The Yogibo Max weighs 19 pounds compared with the 12 pounds of the Moon Pod. This means that based on pure weight, the Moon Pod will be lighter to move. Likewise, the Moon Pod only takes up four square feet of space, while the Yogibo is six feet long and two feet wide. If you’re limited on space, the Moon Pod will require less of it than the Yogibo.

Care Required

In a small space, even the furniture can turn into playgrounds if you have children or pets. Both the Moon Pod and the Yogibo come with a washable cover, so if they get dirty from kids or pets, it won’t be a problem to wash their covers and restore their appearance to like-new. Each product directs users to wash their covers in cold water with like colors, which means the care for each item is similar and doesn’t require any special detergents or processes. 

One difference that may matter when considering the chances of your bean bag chair becoming soiled is the color of the chair you have. Most of the Moon Pod’s colors are light, which means dirt and stains will show more prominently until you’re able to wash the covers. The Yogibo comes in light colors as well, but has several darker options compared to two for the Moon Pod. If you plan to travel with either the Yogibo or Moon Pod, it’s suggested that you purchase your chair in a dark color to hide potential stains while you’re on the road.


Decorating a small space can be challenging, but choosing a bean bag chair can provide flexibility in your design. The Yogibo and Moon Pod are both light enough to easily move to other rooms, but if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that doubles as a bed or one that doesn’t show the dirt as much, the Yogibo is the clear winner.