The average wedding cost is around $27,000. That seems like a lot, but most newlyweds find there are a few items they hope to add to their wedding that cost more than they can comfortably afford.

This is particularly true of the flowers. Flowers are an important part of any traditional wedding. They can add grace and beauty to your special day, but the perfect flowers can be expensive.

So if you’re hoping to know how to make the most of your wedding floral budget hardship, keep reading for some awesome flower budget tips for your big day.

Seek Out Seasonal Options

Looking for seasonal romantic wedding flowers is one of the best ways to get the best price for your floral arrangements.

When buying flowers for your wedding day, start by talking to local florists to find out what blooms are in season. Often in-season flowers will cost less than ordering out-of-season or imported varieties.

Seasonal flowers that are in peak bloom may also look just as beautiful on your big day if you choose the right arrangements. Talk to your florist about selecting similarly colored flowers and fillers to put arrangements together at a lower cost.

Reach Out to Wholesale Florists

Wholesale florists typically offer flowers at significantly lower prices than retail florists, so you can save a lot of money. Be sure to ask about any discounts that they might be offering. Then research online to compare prices and ensure you are getting the best deal.

Don’t forget to ask about delivery fees and any potential extra charges as well. Be sure to order your wedding flowers in advance. Many wholesale florists will require enough lead time to avoid ordering flowers that they cannot provide.

Incorporate Potted Plants

Incorporating potted plants can add beautiful touches to your wedding while also allowing you to save some money.

You can use potted plants as centerpieces on guest tables and as accent pieces mixed in with cut flowers on the tables. You can also use them as aisle decorations or line the steps leading up to the altar.

To make potted plants even more exciting, think about creating an accent or two with them. You can add a candle for dramatic lighting or create a topiary tree with several different varieties planted in a larger pot.

Utilize Greenery to Stretch the Floral Budget

Greenery does not need to be flower-free. You can use foliage and other natural elements to create the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Try using eucalyptus, ruscus, and myrtle for a softer, more natural look. Incorporate them into centerpieces, garlands, and other arrangements.

You can also add some texture by using leaves and branches in your decorations. Not only does this look beautiful, but it is also budget-friendly.

Spend Your Wedding Floral Budget Wisely

It’s important to stay informed, be creative, and plan when it comes to your wedding floral budget. Keeping an eye on price and seasonality can add tremendous savings to your special day. Whenever possible, partner with local florists and take advantage of wholesale prices to stay within budget.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Start shopping now and make sure your floral arrangements add the perfect amount of beauty to your wedding day.

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