Whether buying or selling your home, finding the right local real estate agent is essential. 

Top agents have experience handling specialty types of sales, such as short sales or foreclosures. They’re also flexible when working with different types of clients.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Real estate agent in Newark, Ohio is more than just enjoying HGTV and touring homes; it’s a business that requires knowledge of local communities, real estate trends, market data, and sales and negotiation. Top real estate agents love the whole company and are excited about guiding clients through the buying or selling.

It can be evident by how much time they spend helping residents understand the home-buying or selling process or by their willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of each client. They might know of properties, not on the MLS, connect buyers with local contractors for inspections or repairs, or share information about community schools, neighborhood amenities, and resident perks. They can even help negotiate with sellers to avoid inflated fees that can derail the sale.


Real estate agents have the expertise to guide clients through various transactions. Ideally, you should hire an agent who has been in the industry for several years and has completed multiple sales. Look for agents with specialized training in areas that align with your transaction type, such as a condo or vacation property.

Buying and selling properties are complicated processes. The right agent can help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve success. It will help you evaluate the worth of a property to avoid paying inflated prices when buying, and it will guide pricing when selling. They can also connect you to a network of professionals, including plumbers, landscapers, contractors, and staging companies, to prepare your property for sale.


Flexibility refers to the capacity to adjust according to the changes in circumstances. This flexibility allows people to meet challenges without becoming overwhelmed or stressed. It also helps them respond quickly to market shifts. For example, when the pandemic caused a spike in grocery delivery services, some companies capitalized by offering more flexible delivery options.

Real estate agents must be flexible in their work to be successful. They must be willing to meet clients on their terms, including evenings and weekends. They should also be able to accommodate their clients’ communication styles, whether that is via email, phone, or text.


Real estate agents are often responsible for communicating with their clients in person, by phone, or through email. They must communicate effectively and clearly to answer questions and provide information.

Additionally, real estate agents must be able to respond quickly to any problems that arise. For example, if an open house isn’t going well, the agent must be able to think fast and come up with a solution to help the client.

They also need to be able to provide honest feedback to their clients. It can include letting them know when they’re unrealistic about pricing or timelines. It can also mean being straight with them about potential problems, such as a home’s structural integrity. This quality can make or break a transaction.

Negotiation Skills

Whether buying or selling a home, negotiation skills are necessary to ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. An excellent real estate agent can negotiate the best price for their clients and help them find ways to save money on their new home or sell their current property.

Effective negotiation is balancing being steadfast in your goals against collaborating with the other party to reach an agreement. It requires the ability to listen attentively and evaluate information while controlling emotions.

Successful negotiators know their BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement). They analyze their position and take steps to improve it before sitting at the bargaining table.