Interactive household technology is changing the way we live. As we incorporate more and more useful devices into our homes, we can all enjoy living in cleaner and safer spaces. The development of these inventions has gone from movie-style ideas into practical and affordable products that we can all enjoy.

Many of us are used to programming things, like what time the lights should go on and when the blinds should open. Some products, like the Philips Hue lights can even be set to change colour to suit our circadian rhythms.

We can even get help in planning our meals. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator uses images taken from the inside of our refrigerator to see what food is inside. It can then suggest different meals based on what’s available and what our families’ dietary preferences are.

A Smart Home for Everyone

By connecting all these devices to your smartphone, it has become easier than ever to control what is happening in your home, even when no one is there. Up until now this has mainly been used for home security, entertainment systems, lighting, and temperature control.

What used to be exclusively for the ultra-wealthy is now becoming far more common as well. Entry level prices for these products has become much more affordable.

Not only are prices coming down but many home appliances now have an internet connection. This increased connectivity across all income levels allows more of us to enjoy these modern conveniences than ever before.

Most smart home fittings are still actively controlled by the user as they set up their preferences. This may soon change with the evolution of ambient technology.

This emerging field allows our smart home technology to be proactive in the ways that they take control our home environment. As more of our devices can listen in and see what is happening in our homes, they will be able to make suggestions and proactively influence our lives.

This will mean that we no longer have to ask Alexa for what we need or to do certain things. As the sensors in our devices become more accurate, they will be able to respond to more than just voice commands.

Advancing Tech The Norm Now

Panasonic has recently unveiled their new activity-sensing technology which can monitor your body heat using biometric sensors. This information is then fed into your heating and cooling system to control your ambient room temperature.

Even more incredible is the announcement by Chinese home appliance manufacturer Haier. Their latest adjustable kitchen uses facial recognition to sense who is using the kitchen, and then automatically adjusts the height of appliances.

As ambient technology becomes more widespread our smart appliances will be able to respond to our movement, what we are looking at, and even our tone of voice. They’ll know where we are, if we want the latest betbigdollar bonus code, and how to respond to our every need. This truly is the future of the smart home.

This will mean that our homes can respond to us in ways we never before imaged. Not only will this be more convent, it will also mean that we have safer, more energy efficient homes.