If you are leaning towards looking for another home, do you have a good sense of what you want?

From the size of the home to where it is located and more, you have a lot to run through your head.

With that in mind, what will determine where you next call home?

Be a Smart Shopper During the Real Estate Search

In trying to come up with the best home possible, here are three keys to keep in the back of your mind moving ahead:

  1. Price – For most consumers, how much they will pay for a property tends to be the top train of thought. That said what do finances look like right now? Will you have to watch what you what you spend or do you have a fair amount of flexibility? Either way, it makes sense to crunch the numbers before signing any papers and so on. The last thing you want or need is to get into a home that is going to cost you way more than you had  originally planned. Have a sense of your job and its security, any notable debt you have now and more while looking for a home.
  2. Features – Aside from the right price, what will you be looking for when it comes to your next home? Are you in search of a set number of bedrooms? How important will outside features such as a yard or even a pool be to you? Does the location matter a lot as it relates to how far from work or school if you have young ones? The guess is a safe neighborhood (see more below) will matter to you too. These are but a few of the things likely to go through your head. You also will want to know what you may be able to add and/or change about the home unless building something brand new. Buying a home already built can give you some opportunities to make changes. From adding a room or two to the addition of folding patio doors and some more windows for better views, you want options. 
  3. Safety – Last but not least, safety will and should play a big role in where you end up moving. With that in mind, take the time to research any neighborhood you consider moving into. There is likely some good info you can get online that will help sway you one way or the other when it comes to safety. If you have young children moving with you, safety takes on even more importance in your mind. The last thing you’d want on your mind all too often is that you are in a neighborhood that is not as safe as it should be. Along with getting any police reports on the area, you may want to see if there is a neighborhood crime watch set up. While price and features are key, there is no price to put on your safety and the safety of any family moving with you.

If the time to find another home is now, are you excited about the prospects of moving to something new?