Have you ever reacted irrationally in a situation and then later sat down to wonder why? Has a reasonably normal conversation ever hit a nerve you did not know existed? The mind works in mysterious ways. And at times, it can be complicated to fathom the functions of your brain. The mind is a powerhouse of emotions, memories, beliefs, rational choices, and a whole lot that is often not easily understandable. But there are a few people who can do it, and the world knows them as psychologists.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. A psychologist is a person who is well-versed in the normal and abnormal states of mind. These professionals research human conduct and are capable of diagnosing unusual behaviors and the underlying reasoning. If you consider choosing psychology as your field of study but are not sure if it will be exciting enough for you, read ahead. Here we give five convincing reasons why we believe psychology is an enticing field to pursue.

  • It helps you understand human relationships:

Every human is different since we live diverse lives and come from unique backgrounds. However, this can at times be a little confusing for each one of us. Humans are social animals, so it is in our very nature to interact and bond. But when the confusion of not understanding someone collides with the need to interact socially, it is a tad traumatizing. Imagine falling in love with someone and getting married but later realizing they have nasty anger issues. We all have some past traumas, and they affect our present relationships. However, when you are a psychology major, it is easier for you to dissect people’s behaviors. It gives you an edge over other people in relationships, to understand why people react the way they do.

  • It satisfies your wish to make a difference:

Not everyone is built this way, but some people inherently have this urge to make a difference by helping other people. If you have this particular bone in you, taking up a bachelors in psychology degree can make you feel challenged and purposeful. Whichever specialization you chose to pursue, psychology always revolves around helping people understand their personalities better. For example, consider someone is a drug addict and entirely dysfunctional because of this habit. Addictive behavior is most times a result of past traumas or insecurities. Being a psychologist, you can dissect what is it that is provoking the addictive behavior. And addressing these underlying issues can help people come out of the shackles of their brains.

  • It helps you know yourself better:

Throughout our lives, we experience numerous situations, out of which some are good and some turn into terrible memories. Each event or incident leaves a mark on us. Particular adversities may help us grow stronger, but others may tarnish our self-confidence and give birth to insecurities. And most times, tackling these issues alone is out of our hands unless we understand the mind and its functioning in detail. When you become an expert in handling the mind and human behavior, you can also understand yourself better. You can relate to why you act the way you do and build a mechanism to cope and recover from your past ordeals’ impact.

  • It will turn you into a critical thinker:

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), critical thinking is one of the five primary learning goals for undergraduate psychology students. Critical thinking is the analysis and evaluation of factual evidence to form conclusions and judgments. A critical thinker asks the right questions, looks for answers objectively and logically, analyses evidence for solutions, and concludes with clear findings.

The concepts and theories you study in the field of psychology help you build critical thinking. A psychologist’s job involves exhibiting critical thinking through dissecting human behavior and relating events and factors to the state of mind. Apart from being a prerequisite of the job, it is also a valuable quality for an individual to possess generally. Being a critical thinker gives you the skills to evaluate options more fruitfully and, therefore, helps you make better life choices.

  • The human brain is an exciting place to visit:

The fact that you get to explore the human mind is in itself exciting enough to make you want to study psychology. Using scientific theories to understand humans is by far one of the most thrilling experiences. Failing to understand how the brain works or why people are the way they are is often very frustrating. But studying psychology and, as a result, being able to recognize the patterns and reasoning behind human behaviors is fascinating.


With the growing awareness of mental health, the field of psychology has suddenly come into the limelight. People are now more understanding of mental concerns and have the urge to comprehend human behaviors. Apart from adding immense value through helping people, psychology is also quite an exciting field to study. If you are worried whether choosing a psychology major will give you that kick of excitement to pursue your studies or not, then do not fear. The reasons mentioned above make the psychology field enjoyable enough for anyone to study.