In the US, 12% of adults say they smoke marijuana. And for some, they’ve been flocking to using another cannabinoid instead: CBD.

CBD is the close cousin of THC, which is the active compound in cannabis that not only gets you high, but also provides relief for a number of ailments. And the reason why so many people are using CBD instead of THC is because it doesn’t make you impaired!

Has this piqued your interest in CBD? Are you wondering about the types of CBD you can get? If so, then read on to find out more!

The Kinds of CBD You Can Use

Are you wondering about how to take CBD? Well, the method will depend on the kind you pick. But no matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of CBD, just at different speeds.

Learn more about each type below.


CBD flower is comparable to cannabis bud. However, the key difference is that CBD flower is compromised of mainly CBD, with a much lower amount of THC.

To use CBD flower, you can either smoke or vape it. What’s great about this delivery method is that it acts incredibly quickly, almost instantaneously.

So if you’re looking for fast relief, you’ll want to smoke or vape CBD. However, it’s not very discreet, so you might have to consider other methods for when you’re on the go.


CBD oil is probably the most popular way people use this cannabinoid. They usually take it sublingually, which means they put some drops underneath their tongue, hold them, and then swallow.

This is a more discreet way to take CBD, plus it acts relatively quickly too. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for you to start feeling its effects.

Some people choose to vape CBD oil too. However, there aren’t many studies done on CBD oil being vaped, so if you want to try this method, proceed with some caution. It’s probably better if you just take it sublingually.


Edibles are the ultimate way you can get a dose of CBD without anyone knowing. You’ll find many #1 rated CBD gummy products available at dispensaries and online stores.

However, edibles take the longest to kick in since you have to digest them. It can take between 30 minutes to an hour to produce effects, although they’ll also stay for quite some time too.

CBD also comes in the form of pills and capsules so you can easily take them with your daily vitamins.

Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams are the weakest form of CBD but can work in a pinch since they’re fast-acting. If you have a pulled leg muscle or a bad headache, simply rub and massage the cream into the desired area. You may have to reapply a few times in a row, but you’ll eventually get relief.

The 3 Types of CBD Oil

This type of CBD is so widely used that we felt it was worth dedicating a section to its 3 different types. This can help you further narrow down the type of CBD that’s right for you.


Isolate CBD is where you only get pure CBD in the product. This means the product is very potent for things like pain and inflammation.

You’d think that if isolate CBD is so great, every person would get it. However, the other 2 types of CBD oil offer additional benefits that might just make them worth it to consider.


To get isolate CBD oil, all other compounds have to be removed to get this pure form of CBD. But with full-spectrum CBD, you get everything that was part of the original cannabis plant. This includes other cannabinoids (including THC), terpenes, and flavonoids, as well as essential oils.

But why would you want all these other compounds? Wouldn’t they just crowd out CBD and make it not as potent?

Actually, ingesting everything in the cannabis plant produces the entourage effect. This means the compounds work together to amplify each other’s benefits. So while CBD itself might be slightly weaker than it would be in isolate products, you’ll feel a lot more benefits that come from the other compounds.

However, many people aren’t comfortable with taking full-spectrum CBD since it has THC in it. There’s the potential of failing drug tests even if you don’t get high, so if your workplace has those, then you might want to consider broad-spectrum CBD instead.


A happy medium between isolate and full-spectrum is broad-spectrum CBD. Basically, you’ll get everything in full-spectrum products but with THC completely removed.

Depending on where you get your CBD oil from, there might be trace amounts of THC left in the product. However, it shouldn’t be enough to raise red flags.

So you can relax when using CBD by choosing broad-spectrum products. Not only can you enjoy the perks of the entourage effect, but you also won’t have to worry about failing drug tests and getting fired.

Try Using CBD Products

Now that you’ve learned about the types of CBD available, you have a much better picture of what products you can use without drawing attention to yourself. This can enable you to get a better quality of life without shouting off the rooftops that you’re a CBD user, unless that’s what you’re comfortable with, of course!

So give one or a few of these CBD products a try. It might take more than one take to find out what works for you. But once you’ve got it figured out, it can be life-changing at times!

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