There’s nothing worse than heading out to your backyard on the first warm day of the year only to find it covered in weeds, spiders, and dust! It’s no wonder that Labor Day Weekend brings so many sales to hardware stores across the U.S.

But even with all of those sales, outdoor home remodels can rack up a huge bill before you even realize it. So how can you get that sweet outdoor setup you’re dreaming of without emptying your wallet? Here are five ways to get it done without wasting your hard-earned cash!

1. Do What You Can Yourself

There’s a lot that you can do to spruce up your backyard without hiring a contractor. Consider hanging some string lights for an extra magical feeling in the evenings. Invite some friends over to paint a mural on your fence.

Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, make your own stone path!

2. Get the Right People for the Job

What about the things you can’t do yourself? For these bigger projects, mistakes can quickly eat up your budget.

That means hiring great professionals to make sure you get it right the first time. Visit sites like to find local contractors and workers that are the right fit for your project (and your budget!)

3. Buy Supplies for Cheap

One of the easiest ways to avoid racking up your remodel bill is to be smart when buying your materials.

Consider buying materials from ReStores (run by Habitat for Humanity), which sell used or salvaged materials for pennies on the dollar.

Another option is to buy materials at auction prices. Supply auctions are famous for slashing prices on materials for contractors and amateurs alike.

4. Clean Your Current Set Up

You might be tempted to re-stain your deck, get a new roof, or re-haul your garden. But before jumping into an extensive (and often expensive) process, consider if you can make what you already have work for you.

For example, before committing to repainting your house’s exterior, rent a power washer and see how much grime you can get off that siding. It’s possible that you don’t need a fresh coat of paint after all!

Another neglected area to check before making any big changes in your garden. Are all of your shrubs being properly watered and maintained? Could a pair of hedge clippers give you the kind of structure you were looking for when you decided to update your backyard?

5. Small Investments Can Make a Huge Difference

You don’t have to break the bank to bring some life back into your outdoor space. Consider getting some inexpensive lawn games like Bocce Ball or croquet and setting them up before having company over.

Consider planting some colorful flowers around your space to liven up your yard. Investing in a stylish hammock can make your yard more fashionable and more comfortable.

Outdoor Home Remodels on a Budget

When it comes to reviving your outdoor space after a long winter, there are plenty of strategies to use to keep the cost down. With these tips and the right outside help, you can get the outdoor home remodel of your dreams, even on a tight budget!

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