Our homes are the most valuable possession we have. It is also one of the most overlooked. We get busy with our lives and ignore small things that can turn into expensive problems.

Add to that, our bucket list of home improvements and renovations. We planned to do them once we finished paying off the car, get the kids through school, or start a business.

Now the house is looking drab and weary, and thoughts of selling are getting closer to becoming a reality. Before you place it on the market, upgrade your home and see if you can fall in love again.

If not, you are sure to recoup the investment in the increased resale value.

Does your home have you feeling sad and blue? Are you embarrassed to have company visit? If you answered yes, keep reading for seven home improvement ideas and renovations that add value to our property.

1. Upgrade Your Home With New Exterior Siding

When your home needs a makeover, new siding can breathe new life into its exterior. Exterior siding is the protective layer of a building’s walls. Structures are commonly made of concrete blocks or plywood.

The surfaces are then given a protective covering. The covering helps protect the home for the elements. It also helps beautify the home.

Common sidings are vinyl and stucco.

Vinyl planks often come in common colors or you can buy paintable planks. The sliding is attached on top of a waterproof barrier.

Stucco is a popular siding. Applied to wood it requires a moisture barrier. On block structures, it is applied directly to the surface. Stucco can be applied using different textures and patterns.

After the application dries, it is sealed and painted.

2. Install New Windows

Windows fall under home improvement ideas that immediately increase your home’s value. Updating the windows of your home is an inexpensive purchase and can be completed in one day.

Old, outdated windows make a home look drab. If they are dirty with years of buildup, they are unsightly.

There are homes with windows that are difficult to open after being closed for years. HVAC systems and decorative window treatments are usually the culprits. Wood-framed windows swell and shifts in the foundation of the home can seal them shut.

With new vinyl and aluminum window systems, the problem is eliminated.

3. Get a New Roof

The life expectancy of residential asphalt shingle roofs is about 20 years. These are the most common types of roofs and come in a variety of colors. Other roofing systems can last up to 50 years but may cost more to install.

Although a roof is marketed as estimated to have a certain life span, you may start to experience signs of needing a replacement sooner. Weather elements, low hanging trees, and deterioration of sub surfaces can cause problems.

The first signs of roofing problems are small water spots on your ceiling that are indicative of water intrusion.

Your home’s roof is an essential part of the structure. When selling a home you will not be able to close if roofing problems exist. It will either need to be replaced or money set aside in an escrow account for the new owner to get the work done.

Of all home improvements that increase value, a new roof is at the top of the list.

4. Redo the Flooring

Let’s move to the interior of the home. Old carpeting is out and wood flooring is in. Give your home an interior home improvement that makes the home look bigger and modern.

Outdated carpeting, dull cracked tiles, and torn linoleum flooring will decrease your homes true value. Flooring that has been in place since you bought the home could be concealing damage to the foundation.

Similar to windows, settling in the home, which is a common occurrence, is causing damage you may not notice. If you discover cracking or separation in the foundation call in a specialist immediately.

Your home could require foundation repair to stabilize the surface.

5. Remodel the Kitchen

Who hasn’t bought an older home with an outdated kitchen? You tell yourself as soon as money is available or you have enough equity built up, you’re going to remodel and get your dream kitchen?

There is no better time than the present to get started. Kitchens increase your home’s resale value. A large modern kitchen with smart appliances has a great return on investment. The remodeled kitchen can be the deciding factor for home shoppers.

6. Refurbish Decking

Backyard spaces are popular again. Living in a state that has beautiful weather 75% of the time is a reason to look into home improvement ideas for the backyard.

Your home may have an aging deck, or you want to build a stylish pergola. Having an outdoor seating area is an invitation to friends to come over for a barbecue or just to hang-out.

If you have a swimming pool, a facelift won’t hurt. Replace broken tiles or update with new ones. Complete the look with updated wicker furniture.

7. Incorporate Stones into the Landscaping

Updating your deck and pool area will make other aging aspects of your backyard noticeable. Do you have a lanai or patio that needs some TLC? Give it a quick makeover with new stone tile flooring.

Pavers are popular and come in different sizes and styles. Use them to create a walkway that runs from the side of the house to the back yard.

You can also create eye-catching stone borders for your flowerbeds. Finish the backyard with new sod. By spring you’ll have a healthy green lawn.

Will You Keep It or Sell It?

The decision to upgrade your home will have you looking at it in a new light. If you love your neighborhood and all it has to offer, why not stay where you are.

For those looking for a change, it’s understandable. Sometimes you simply want something new. If that’s you, check out our On the Market section of beautiful homes for sale across Australia.