Ladies and Gentlemen, start your lawnmowers!!! That’s right, it is finally springtime and it is time to dust off those gardening gloves, brush away the cobwebs in the shed and be ready to get back in the garden for the season of bloom.

After the crispy winter and its fallout, your garden is going to need quite a bit of attention in these first few weeks of springtime and if you want a home garden that is singing in summer then you ought to get yourself prepared. Before we even contemplate our summer gardens it is important to first get spring right and here’s how.

Clean Up

The first steps that you need to take for beautiful springtime garden is to get cleaned up, the winter causes mayhem in the garden and you need to start with a blank canvas. To technical skills required here, simply grab  great big sack and get rid of all the branches, sticks, debris and rubbish that winter has left behind. Make sure that you root around those plant beds and clear away all of the leaves and twigs to ensure they are ready for planting.

Tool Check

The last thing that you want is to set a day to one side when you will start your garden project and find that your tools are no longer fit for purpose. As soon as possible, get out to the shed or garage and check out those tools.

Soil First

If you want the garden to be on track in the springtime then you need to start showing that soil some real love. Grab yourself a pitchfork and give the soil an extensive turn over, this will help you to get rid of the weeds that exist and also to put some much needed air into the soil. If you regularly compost then now is the time to add some of it into the soil, if not you can pick some up easily enough and give the soil the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Map it Out

Now is the perfect time of year to begin mapping out how your garden will look this year, what colors are you after? Which plants will best thrive in your type of garden? These are just a  a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you even begin to plant. Mapping out like this means that you will know exactly what you are after once you start seed shopping.

Supports and Trellis’

Any section of your garden which are going to have walls, supports or trellis’ should be installed now, long before you get flowers or plants in there. This gives you a clean workspace and ensures that you don’t do any damage to existing plants as you are installing new borders.

Plant Indoors

If you know what plants and flowers will be going in your garden when the time is right then why not try and start them off indoors in order to get ahead of the game!

So there you have it, go get yourself ready for spring and later summer by following the tips above and making time right now, to spend in your garden.