Wondering What to do if you lock yourself out of your home? ... Photo by CC user macbeck on Flickr

In today’s security-obsessed world, you pride yourself on your vigilance. You are aware of your surroundings, you keep to well-lit routes, and you always lock the door behind you. This last act has become an unconscious one, as it is a habit which has become deeply engrained in your DNA.

Unfortunately, this can also work against you, as it can be easy for a pre-locked door to blow shut behind you on certain days, leaving you trapped outside your domain.

While calling up a locksmith Perth like http://www.silverfernlocksmithsperth.com.au may be the obvious play in this situation, try out the following suggestions first, and you might be able to get back inside your castle sooner than you think.

1) Try all the windows

After you have calmed down, take a moment to think about alternative ways to get back into your home.

Throughout the day, we often crack windows to let fresh air circulate through the house, but we don’t always remember to close or lock them at night.

Use this lapse in attention to your advantage – go around the house and try every window at ground level.

If one of them has been left unlocked, lift it up and push out the screen, taking care to not damage it. Take a quick look around to see if any neighbours can see you; if they can, let them know your situation so they won’t call the police in error.

2) Call your partner or roommates

If all the windows are locked down tight, get your phone out and start calling others who live with you in your home.

Yes, it may be embarrassing to inform them of your little predicament, but short of breaking into your own home, you have little choice in the matter.

If you left your phone on the nightstand beside your bed, you may have to humble yourself by knocking on a neighbour’s door or asking a passerby to lend you their phone so you can contact those who can help you get back into your humble abode.

If you can’t get a hold of your roommate(s) or your partner, your landlord should be next on your list if you rent your place.

As the deed holder for the property, they will have copies of the keys they issued to you, so they will be able to let you in if they are in town.

3) Call a locksmith

If all the above options fail, call a locksmith Perth and have them come to your house. Equipped with the latest lockpicking equipment, they’ll have your front door wide open within a matter of minutes.

Soon after their arrival, your embarrassment will melt away to relief and gratitude once access to your castle has been restored.