The hard truth

In order to be successful in a world with new, highly competitive and innovative tech-savvy businesses like  usselfstorage, you need to have a wide consumer base. The more the customers are loyal to your brand the better. The word “loyal” means that the customers are with you for long-term. Their importance can be judged by the fact that not only do they buy whatever you are selling but they come back for it time after time. Hence, they provide you business repeatedly. It is so important to create a good relationship with the customer. There are two types of customer now online and offline. It seems that people are more comfortable with online shopping nowadays. Social media sites are the main attractions for online shopping and platforms like Twitter are playing a vital role in online marketing. Most businesses now have an official site in Twitter and very often the users rely on a Twitter automation tool to manage and grow their business smoothly. Along with this, they act as a brand ambassador for your business, advertise for you free of charge and bring in new business for you. Believe me, there is nothing more valuable than a loyal customer and it is their support and contribution which can help you develop your business. They are the difference between an average business and a successful business.

Customers: The heart and soul of every business

Normally, in the market, the customers can be divided into three parts. The first ones are those that can be turned easily over to your side and you can sell to them without any difficulty. These customers are looking for new options and prefer change. Hence, you can close them relatively easily. The second ones are those that are indifferent and can be turned over to your side but they need some convincing. It will depend on your sales team, how you market your brand and what you are offering that can convert them into your customers. The third ones are the ones who are not looking for change; they are satisfied to a great extent with the products that they are currently using. These people represent the majority and are the most difficult to close. They along with the second type of customers can be termed as icy prospects. So the job at hand is that you need to convert these icy prospects or in other words potential customers into your customers. Then you have to make sure that they stay loyal to you. Customer retention and satisfaction is an integral part of every business without which businesses will collapse. Thus, you need to convert icy prospects into loyal customers for the growth and success of your business. Following are the key methods that will help you do just that:

Human Interaction

Potential customers cannot be converted into loyal customers without human engagement. Meet with your potential customers in person instead of installing automated phone systems. Pay attention to them. Make them feel important. Develop relationships  and connect with them in order to make them feel at home


Always ask customers for feedback and provide an immediate solution to their problems. Implement the saying, ‘The customer is always right’ by providing effective services and looking out for your customers. Provide more than what they expect and quickly act to solve any minor issues that they come up with. According to Forbes magazine, around 80 percent of customers after receiving poor customer service turn to the competitors for their services. This fact highlights the importance of acting on customer feedback.

Plan for the long-term

Reward customers for coming back again and again. Do not strive for profits in the short term. Provide the best services and products at a lower price to attract customers initially and then retain the customers over a period of time.