After the corona pandemic, a greater percentage of people are ordering clothing, groceries, and food online instead of physically going shopping. When you receive a package, all you have to do is open the box and organize it to be recycled, and a tool called a “knife” is unavoidably required for all of these actions.

A knife is the most efficient instrument for quickly opening a package box and cutting the top, bottom, and edges of the box so that it may be recycled, but you must use it safely. This is because if you do it incorrectly, you risk injuring yourself or damage the product you have ordered.

A Cutter that prioritizes the safety of users and products.

EZ CUT, which is now available on Kickstarter, is a product that prioritizes user and product’s safety over all other considerations. Its thick blade can act as a cutter blade without the risk of injury of the user, and it is not as sharp as a standard blade. With EZ CUT, you may cut boxes and packages without hesitation because the ideal blade length of 6mm was used to cut without hurting the product inside the package. Teflon coating on the blade prevents sticky tape or stickers sticking to the blade, making cutting easier.

Supports for a quick and safe cut on any surfaces

EZ CUT has L shaped supports on each side of the blade, which allows you fast and safe cutting on any surface including flat surface, edge, and curved surface. The L-shaped support holds the surface while you cut the box or unwrap some wrapping paper, preventing the direction from changing while you cut. When you organize the boxes for a recycle, place the L shaped supports on the edges of the box and simply pull to cut. It is easy to remove the label from the PET bottle since the L shaped supports minimize the slip from the curved surface.


When you finish using EZ CUT, you can cover the blade with its integrated safety cap to protect you from injury and for a longer product lifetime. Also, since there is a magnet inside the product, you can simply store it by attaching it to a metal front door or refrigerator so it can be used any when you need to cut.

Meet EZ CUT in Kickstarter.

EZ CUT, a cutter with no risk of injury and damaging the product and furthermore can cut any surfaces easy and fast, is now launched on Kickstarter. If you shop online most of the time or work in the environment where requires lots of unboxing and unwrapping, experience the most convenient and fast cut with EZ CUT.