Are you looking for a perfect floor for wet areas? Bathroom, basement, kitchen and outdoor floors are prone to water. These floors can only be easy to clean and maintain if the floor is waterproof. Traditionally, homeowners were limited to a few types of waterproof floors. However, the latest technology has provided various types of water-resistant floors. Here are the top waterproof flooring options you need to consider.

Porcelain tile 

These tiles are an upgrade of ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are tough, durable and water-resistant. The best thing about these tiles is that they are non-porous. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles are available in different designs, colours, and sizes. Their waterproof nature makes them perfect for water-prone rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Vinyl floors

This is the latest type of waterproof floor available on the market. Made of a vinyl material, this floor has a special waterproof layer. Vinyl floors are manufactured to mimic natural materials including stone and hardwoods. Luxury vinyl floors are available in tiles, sheets, and planks.

Engineered hardwood floors

These are more durable compared to the traditional hardwood floors. The base of these floors is sturdier as it’s made of plywood to be strong and durable. What makes this type of floor waterproof is the water-resistant layer. The engineered layer is waterproof; protecting the hardwood from water and oil spills.

Laminate flooring

This type of floor is similar to engineered hardwood floors only that its base is made of fibreboard. Laminate floors contain a water-proof layer on top to protect the fibreboard from liquid spills. These floors demand extra care since the fibreboard is porous.


Cork floors are also a good choice for waterproof floors. Besides being water-resistant, cork is also resilient. Cork floors are available in tiles and planks. You can also choose from a wide variety of grain patterns, colours, and designs.

These are the most common and popular waterproof floor types. As a homeowner, you need to determine the right waterproof floor for your home. These floors vary in many ways. Here are tips to help you find the right floor for your water-prone rooms.

Cost – These floors vary in cost. Some of these floors are very expensive depending on the material used. Before buying, do your research on each type of waterproof floor and compare prices. Although some floors may seem expensive, most of them are easy to maintain hence save you on maintenance costs.

Design – We all have different preferences in designs. Choose a type of floor that meets your floor design. In terms of design, vinyl floors have the highest number of different designs.

This a great guide to help you find the right waterproof flooring type. It is advisable that you consider the size of your rooms to determine whether to install sheet, plank or tile floors.

Image from pixabay