You have been living in your home in Quebec for some time, and it feels like it needs a refresh. Your budget is tight though, so you need to look for things that can make an impact but not cost you a year’s salary. With this in mind, major construction jobs are out and so is anything else that might disrupt your life for a long period of time. Here are some great ideas for you to take on that can get your place feeling brand new:

Remove the Clutter

You would surprised at how new a room feels if you just remove a good amount of the clutter. Clutter makes a room seem smaller, and often covers many of the inviting features of a room. So make an effort to get rid of some of the stuff you have packed in over time. Look to put things that are rarely used away in attics, the basement or other storage areas (but do not clutter other rooms). And identify which things you can take to be recycled or given to charities. You can even sell them online at places like or The simple act of de-cluttering will give you a sense of extra space that makes a major difference, at no expense.

Get Your Lighting Right

Perhaps the most impactful low cost modification you can make to a room is to the lighting. A room’s lighting is often the most underappreciated part of its décor and plays the biggest part in its look and feel. There are three particular types of lighting to utilize and each can create a positive effect when used properly.

Ambient lighting, is the most common type of lighting and provides a general wash and uniform illumination of the entire space. Ambient lighting fills the undefined areas of a room with a soft level of general light, enough for someone to navigate through the room. There are many choices of the types of light you can use. Some will make the room softer while other make it brighter. Do some research on the different types of bulbs available. Ambient light sources to consider are: ceiling fans, chandeliers, flush-mount/semi-flush-mount ceiling fixtures, pendants, recessed lighting, torchiere lamps, track lighting, vanity lighting and wall sconces.

Task lighting lights an area of the room that performs a specific function. This includes some kitchen lighting where the work surface is highlighted to allow better visibility when preparing food or in an office where a desk might need to be lit. Task light sources to consider are: desk lamps, island or mini pendants, track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, vanity lighting and work lamps.

Accent lighting allows you to spotlight interesting features in your home decor, such as a painting or a mantel. Ambient lighting mainly provides overhead lighting, and accent lighting helps fill in the rest of the room where ambient light can’t reach. Ambient lighting is likely the style used to most creative effect, highlighting particular objects like art or bookcases, in order to draw attention to them and is often used outside the home to highlight plants, trees or fountains. Accent lighting sources to consider are: recessed lighting, track lighting and wall sconces.

Paint Select Areas

Painting is a job that always seems overwhelming, but if you aim for specific rooms and even walls to paint within specific rooms, the job can be accomplished on a Saturday. So have a look around your place. Are the walls looking a little dull, and sorely in need of a refresh? Have the trendy colours you used to love, now screaming to be toned down or painted over?

The key is to plan out your painting ideas, then get all of the materials handy (including paint, rollers, brushes, old sheets, and any other tools) so that you can quickly tackle the job.

Use good quality paints and go for more neutral colours that can be accented with pictures and other things you can put on walls and in the room. If done properly, the results can be stunning and have you feeling like you are in a new home.

Other inexpensive areas that can greatly refresh a home include: purchasing houseplants and replacing long-used knick knacks. Both will add a new felling to any room.

Another great reasons to refresh your home is in case you are interested in selling. Quebec home prices are higher than ever and buyers are looking to purchase homes that feel inviting. So put in a small amount of time and get your home looking new and refreshed and it could pay off in more ways than one.