Giving Your Bathroom a Stunning Facelift is easier than it seems

When we think about bathrooms, we often think about boring spaces where we just perform our daily hygiene needs. But bathrooms are supposed to be more than this – in fact, the bathroom should be a place where you can relax and ease your worries away. It can be a pleasant space in your home with just a little bit of effort. Here’s your complete guide to giving your bathroom a stunning facelift.

Make use of wallpaper

If your bathroom has white or cream walls or has an outdated wall colour, such as pink or sky blue, you can make it look instantly different just by adding some wallpaper. Make use of wallpaper to give your bathroom a splash of colour whilst giving it some personality as well. Choose wallpaper in a creative, striking pattern – don’t be afraid to choose something that can stand out. If you don’t want your entire bathroom to look weird or strange or overwhelming, you can just choose to wallpaper one wall.

Add a piece of furniture

Most bathrooms are equipped with accessories for hanging towels, keeping and storing toiletries, and so on. But have you ever considered adding a piece of furniture to your bathroom? We’re talking here about some great pieces of furniture, such as a vintage wooden stool or a small rustic table – anything you can find that will add some character to your bathroom. Rather than have your bathroom dominated by chrome, tile, and stone, a few key pieces of furniture, carefully chosen, can definitely make it look more like your own. The furniture can serve a practical purpose as well as you can use it to store towels, as a place for your toiletries, and so on.

Get a new shower

If your bathroom has a shower area (and which bathroom doesn’t?) the shower can contribute to your bathroom’s old and boring look. The shower area or enclosure of your bathroom doesn’t have to be ugly and basic – why not re-vamp your old shower with a completely new one? Nowadays, you can easily find a range of shower cubicles and shower enclosures which are already ready-made – meaning they can be installed in one piece or already come with all the pieces you need, such as glass panels, shower trays, shower doors, shower heads, and more. Some of the more advanced shower cubicles even come with some luxurious features, such as massage jets, subdued lighting, and aromatherapy options, and they’re not as pricey as you may think.

Replace old fixtures

Your bathroom’s fixtures can also add to how your bathroom looks and feels. By replacing the taps and other old fixtures, you can make your bathroom look fresh, clean, and spotless. The good news is that taps and other fixtures need not be that expensive, especially if you know where to look.

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