There are many useful Travel Apps You Should Download For Your Trip
Photo by CC user JESHOOTS on Pixabay

What do you usually bring when you travel with you? What do you consider are the essentials of a trip? For some people, it has got to be the jackets and cardigans. The weather is very unpredictable these days, so bringing a coat that is both light and cool would make trudging through the heat or the rain so effortless. While others think it is their shoes, and why not? Some trips require wading through rivers or hiking up mountains; good sturdy boots are always a solution.

However, the universal answer is pretty simple actually: it is your phones. Almost everything has an app these days. From teaching us a language to giving our photos the anime filter, there are mobile apps that you just got to have on your phone while you are traveling. So before you look up important things like the best travel insurance to go to Singapore for instance, look over this list of travel apps you should get downloading now.

Guides by Lonely Planet 

While you are researching for places to go, you have probably encountered a website called Lonely Planet. This is one of the go-to websites for helpful guides and tips on different places like Hobart, Singapore, Europe, and more. They even give you tips on where you can buy affordable items and food. Now they are even more accessible with their Guides by Lonely Planet mobile app. The great thing about this is you do not need data to access the app, just download it and you are good to go.

Google Trips 

Google Trips basically allows you to automatically use your Gmail account when reserving rooms or purchasing airline tickets online. Some people do not like this, mainly because it is a third party system connecting with one of the most private accounts you have. But in terms of ease of use, Google Trips makes it possible for travellers to do more than just making transactions. The app also suggests the best places to visit and things to do on a specific place.


If you are looking to do something different on your trip, the Sidekix app suggests cafes, museums, bars, and shops during your travel. There is a built-in GPS technology that you can navigate with as you walk the city, and it will recommend places as you go along. It is a bit like Yelp because as you click on it, you can read customer ratings and reviews.

Cafe WiFi 

An app that exclusively looks for places where there is Wi-Fi. You would not want to be stuck in a foreign cafe without access to the Internet, right? What if there are emergency messages or emails you are missing because of it. So with the help of FourSquare, Cafe WiFi looks for cafes where there are hotspots you can use.


One of the most helpful apps other than those that offer city guides is the currency converter app. Currency allows you to load currencies you will need for your travel and will help you convert your money’s value without using your data connection.


This is a learning language tool, an alternative to Duolingo. It offers basic vocabulary so you can ask for directions easily or greet the locals. It has 18 languages in its phrasebook, and it features phonetic spelling so you know how to properly pronounce the words.

So the next time you plan a trip, make sure you have these apps loaded onto your phone. This will ensure that you will be able to maximise your trip, and enjoy it like you have never had before.