Glass is used throughout our homes more and more, with glass being utilized by designers and architects who were finding ways to use more glass in our homes. This is great for natural light, airflow etc. But when it comes time to clean it, quickly the awe of glass can be replaced by hatred. This article is written with the sole purpose of reducing the hatred towards your dirty glass and giving you the tips we use to clean your windows and doors quickly and easily while also getting great results.

1. Tools make a difference

Having the right tools for the job is the best tip for any glass cleaner, while newspaper and mentholated spirits may have been favoured by older generations, we need to look at the professionals and see what they are using to know what’s best.

A microfiber T bar, bucket it fits in, squeegee with a good rubber blade & a few microfiber cloths are all you’ll need to clean the external side of your glass at home, but when it comes time to clean the inside, you’re going to get water everywhere. What we use is a pump bottle, this replaces the bucket, reduces the amount of water used. We still use squeegee and microfiber cloths, but replace the T bar with a white scourer, magic sponge or damp microfiber. It’s not quick, but you get much better results, use far less water and don’t create a mess around your home.

2. Technique

Here is where the hatred can quickly spiral into a downright menacing hell. The Technique is very important for getting good results the first time.

Always start at the top, that could be the 2nd story of your property, or just the top of the window, its important to start at the top and if possible, in the shade. Spray the window with your pump bottle filled with 25% vinegar 75% water and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, scrub the glass top to bottom with the cleaning pad of your choice, never use blades or a metal paint scraper or you’ll need to make inquiry’s about glass scratch removal soon after.

Once scrubbed, spray the window along the top once again, this is more important when working in the sun, then rub the top edge of the glass with your microfiber you have in your back pocket, and squeegee from the top-down, no need to try fancy waving methods, top to bottom, move over and angle your squeegee so the water is pushed away from the previously dried area. Once the squeegeeing is finished, wipe around the edges once more with your microfiber and you’rere done. A helpful tip when the inside is to place an old towel on the ground to collect the dirty water.

3. Maintenance and protection

Keeping your glass in good condition can be difficult if not cared for properly. Bad cleaning techniques can cause scratches requiring glass scratch repair, windows regularly getting wet can get etching and watermarks which won’t clean off easily and require glass polishing. If your glass is regularly cleaned with a proper technique you’re heading in the right direction. However, an often-overlooked option is to seal your glass. Sealants for glass are ideal for maintaining the appearance of your glass, reduce cleaning times and frequency. Glass that regularly gets wet like shower screens or pool fences benefit the most for sealing, the barrier prevents minerals in town water from etching the glass and salts or chlorines from permanently marking the glass. If you have hard to clean windows or panels of glass, consider sealing them and making your life easier!

Get the right tools, right technique, and consider sealing and/or removing scratches from your glass and you’ll be amazed how much easier your job will become. If in doubt call a professional and get some solid advice. We hope this article was beneficial and provides some good tips for you to use next time you decide to clean your glass.