Binge-watching TV has become a global hobby.

Watching TV helps us unwind after school or work. Watching TV lets us live vicariously through the characters’ lives.

With so many different internet, satellite, and cable TV providers, it’s hard to know which is the best deal. Have you found yourself asking Siri or Alexa the question, Who offers the best cable in my area?

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for cable.

What’s the Best Cable in My Area?

There are all kinds of different ways to bring cable into our homes. However, it can seem overwhelming when trying to find the best deal.

We can stream. We can watch online. We can watch with a cable box. But, which is the best option for watching cable in your area?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cable options.


Foxtel has quickly become the most widely used TV service in Australia. Not only do they offer the typical cable/internet/phone packages, but they also offer streaming services.

Foxtel Now allows subscribers to watch the same cable content, but streamed through WiFi. Also, there is the option of adding the Kayo Sports Package to any subscription.

Foxtel seems to be going the all-satellite route to cable. If that’s the case, then a reputable antenna installation company can help you decide what you need. They can also help you understand the differences between the cable options in your area.


This cable option boasts that users can take over the way they watch TV.

With a simple box and an easy user interface, this is a great option for getting your cable fix. There are options to watch live TV. There are options to record and watch catch-up TV. Users can even rent or buy shows and/or movies.

It’s easy to use on a TV and it’s easy to use on a mobile device.

Although the storage space isn’t amazing, there are some quality subscription packages to make any viewer happy.


Comcast’s Xfinity is best known as one of the larger commercial phone, cable, and internet providers.

This media giant owns Xfinity. When we see Comcast new customer deals or just Comcast TV online advertised, we get Xfinity.

There are a ton of great deals they offer for internet, cable, and phone. You can buy stand alone packages, but your best bet will always be a bundled package. With over 250+ channels to choose from, as well as up to 2 Gpbs of connection, Xfinity is a strong option for quality cable.

Where’s the Good Cable in My Area

We don’t want to be without cable. It’s too much fun to surf the channels!

When trying to find the best deal on cable, you have all kinds of options. Have you been asking yourself the question, How can I get the best cable in my area?

You can choose to stream your shows online or you can watch TV the way it was meant to be watched with cable.

Get yourself a good antenna. Get yourself a good deal with the best internet TV service you can find. Get yourself some cable and a great remote.

TV is a great way to relax, especially if you get a great price on your cable.