It’s a good thing to form different committees when you’re going to host a huge event. You can’t supervise all aspects. It will be overwhelming if you have to move back and forth to check if everything is perfect.

Even if you can find the best people to work with you, it’s still difficult to manage all these committees. You also worry that some of them won’t do their assigned tasks and the result will be a disaster. These are some tips to consider as you organise a huge event with a big team.

Assign committee heads

You don’t need to talk to every member of a committee. You can follow-up with the heads. For instance, if you have a team that deals with security, you can talk to just one person. Ask for updates regarding the issues raised during the previous meeting. If you have other concerns, you can also inform this person. Allow each head of the committee to communicate any problems to the rest of their team members. You can do the same thing to all other committees to reduce the burden. Of course, you need to check the specific committee to determine if everyone is doing the assigned tasks.

Call for a regular meeting

It also helps if you call for a meeting regularly so that everyone knows what’s going on. Although the food committee has nothing to do with stage decoration, it’s still great for them to know the updates. They can step in if there are problems requiring workforce on the day of the event. Some committees concern everyone. For instance, the security team has to update all the members regarding safety issues. Everyone will benefit from it, so it’s good to stay updated.

Allow committees to suggest improvements

Even though you break the team into different groups, it doesn’t mean that everyone should work independently. It’s a good thing if you allow the committees to interact and suggest what’s best for the event. Besides, the success of one becomes the success of everyone. Therefore, it’s crucial for the committee members to remain open to suggestions. You have to facilitate the discussion to ensure that every member stays respectful during the meeting, especially when raising complaints or providing new ideas.

Use an app that organises everything

You might feel confused when there are lots of things going on at once. Therefore, you need to maximise technology and use an app that allows you to take note of all the updates. You also need reminders if you have to speak with a specific person or check on a committee. There are also areas that you have to check yourself. For instance, you need to remain involved in looking for the perfect event venue. Your final approval is necessary. You even have to go to the place and look at it. Check out if you need to find an event venue now.

When you remain in control, it doesn’t matter how huge the event is because you can manage it.