Your travels have gifted you the view of some amazingly beautiful landscapes thus far. And, you’ve got the pictures to prove it. Your phone’s memory is maxed, and your friends are threatening to stop following you online if you make them jealous with even one more post of a beach during sunset. So, what now?

You could print out all eight shoe boxes full of snapshots—then archive them in a stack on the bottom of your closet for posterity. You might even be tempted to leave them on your phone until it breaks, and you lose every photo. Or, you could try out Mixbook: a website that makes it simple to create a photo book of your trips.

Why Mixbook is Worth Checking Out

There are a lot of options for ordering a photo book online. Mixbook has a few extra perks that help make them our recommendation for creating your travel photo book, though. They offer great prices, strong customer service support, and the site is super-simple to use.

Plenty of Templates and Travel-Specific Designs

Mixbook lets you get started quickly. They have a dedicated section for travel photo books, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through a bunch of products you’re not interested in. There are travel photo books pre-customized for popular destinations like Hawaii, Disney World and Las Vegas.

You can also select a less specific, but equally awesome design. The background, art, and font are all included in the price of the photo book, so you won’t be surprised by extra fees. We were particularly impressed by the number of different photo book designs Mixbook makes available and how easy it was to drop in our travel photos.

If you want to put even more of your own personality into your travel photo book, you can also start with a blank book in one of three shapes then fully customize it.

A Superior Help Page and Chat Support

It’s easy to find answers on Mixbook’s Help page. Simply enter your query in the large search bar at the top of the page. Another section lets you browse inspiration, or you can visit the video center for assistance with editing. If you can’t find your answer, don’t worry. Mixbook has staff available to chat in real-time online.

 Pick Your Favorite Snapshots & Get Started on Your Photo Book

You can get started creating your travel photo book on Mixbook now. Your greatest challenge will likely be selecting which memories to include. Photographs that evoke a moment you recall fondly are important to include for the sake of nostalgia. Otherwise, select shots with good lighting, pleasant color combinations and a composition without a lot of distractions.