When most homeowners in the UK think of doing a home renovation they imagine needing to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in order to transform your home into one that is much more livable and beautiful. It is true that home renovations can be exceedingly expensive. The fact you can spend your entire life savings remodeling only one room of your home.

The average UK homeowner however does not have a lot of money for home renovation and it certainly not interested in spending their life savings to grade their kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. The same homeowners however are very interested and doing impactful Innovations to their home. The key is to do those renovations that are cost effective and that make a great difference. Here are two to consider.

Put Down New Wood Flooring

Traditionally, great looking and durable wood flooring has been a large expense in a home. The price has been the highest one can pay for floor covering and this has limited the vast majority of homeowners from considering it as a floor covering option. Options that homeowners had to find the types of flooring that fit this description has been limited to expensive carpets, tiles, and very expensive hardwood flooring. Hardwood is beautiful, but it is costly to maintain and repair, in addition to its high cost to purchase.

Today however there are new options for wood floor coverings that look just as beautiful, have the same level of durability, are easier to maintain and cost a much less than traditional hardwood.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a multi-layered wood floor where the top layer is 100% hardwood and the layers below are made of strong plywood giving the flooring firmness and durability comparable to hardwood.  Engineered wood floors also feature different surface treatments such as natural-oiled and UV lacquered, which add to the authenticity, enhance their appearance, and increases their usability. They are easy to maintain and clean and you can re-sand them to get rid of ugly stains. They will also stay consistent in different temperatures, can be used in any room of the house, and will stay looking great for decades. Best of all, you can get great quality and cheap UK engineered wood flooring for much less than traditional hardwood floors.

Change Your Wall Coverings

Unless you have done it lately, you probably have no idea of how impactful changing the wall covering in a room can be. Whether you choose to try a new color paint, put up wallpaper, or do stenciling, you can vastly change the mood and feel of a room by doing this simple thing.

You should look to go in a different direction than your rooms are currently and take some chances. Try some dark colors where you currently have light and try wall coverings where you now have bare walls. Try a few stencils on bare walls and see if the designs inspire you. The new looks might get you to try some furniture design changes and completely transform the look of many of the rooms in your home. Remember, you are the star here and there is no wrong or right look, only ones that you love.

These low cost upgrades will last for years and make you feel better about your UK home.