Even the COVID-19 lockdown can’t keep lovers apart. Indeed, dating apps are reporting longer conversations between matches as well as the rise in popularity of video dates. 

You’re lucky, though. You get to spend lockdown cozied up with your significant other. That’s why you need to know about the best cuddle couches made just for you and your partner.

Wondering where you can find the best couch for cuddling? You can finally stop searching because, today, we’re guiding you through our top ten picks. Check it out!

1. The Deepest Sofa in Seattle From Couch Seattle

Couch Seattle prides itself on having the so-called “deepest sofa in Seattle”. This couch offers an impressive 55 inches of depth. That way, you and your significant other will be comfortable throughout even the longest cuddle sessions.

2. The Classic Sectional From Bassett Furniture

Looking for a cuddle couch that could actually double as a bed? No, we aren’t talking about a pull-out couch (not yet anyway – see below). We’re talking about the Classic Sectional from Bassett Furniture.

The company’s U-shaped section is perfect for cuddling as it is. But add in the two footrests that double as removable couch sections, and you’ve got a bed-sized couch ideal for cuddling sessions with the whole family.

3. The Nailhead Sofa From Bunny Williams Home

Bunny Williams Home was founded by world-renowned designer, Bunny Williams. Of course, that means these highly-designed, well-crafted pieces don’t run cheap. But we think the company’s Nailhead Sofa, in particular, is worth every penny.

The Nailhead sofa features soft, curving armrests and a sloping high back. The deep cushions offer superior comfort while the elegant nailhead details and sculptural shape make it equally as stylish.

4. The Jacques Slipcovered Sofa From Mecox Gardens

Dallas-based Mecox Gardens is an absolute must-visit if you’re ever in the Lonestar State. With locations in Southampton, LA, Manhattan, Palm Beach, and more, Mecox Gardens is a staple for eclectic new and antique pieces.

Don’t expect to find a bargain at this luxury furniture store because its furniture is made to last for years to come. That’s why the Jacques Slipcovered Sofa is one of our favorite picks.

The couch comes with a linen slipcover that will repel stains while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, this couch features the option of an extra-long design. You can get 96 inches of length for your most comfy cuddle session yet.

5. Consignment Cuddle Couches

Viyet is your one-stop online shop for all the second-hand furniture you ever wanted. And cuddle couches are no exception. The company only stocks high-end designer pieces, usually more on the vintage and antique side.

You can find worn-in couches for an impressively low price. Or shop their luxury pieces for a cuddle couch you and your partner will love to look at just as much as love to cuddle on it.

6. The Shelter Arm Upholstered Sofa From Restoration Hardware

The professionals behind design firm Restoration Hardware aren’t just dreaming up interiors these days. They’re also creating amazing couches that are perfect for cuddling all night long.

For example, their Shelter Arm sofa is a reimagining of 1930s-era French couches. With its sturdy cushions, chunky design, and high sides, this couch is ideal for even the most public of cuddling sessions.

7. The Peggy Sectional Set From West Elm

West Elm is known for its sustainably sourced and eco-friendly furniture. Most of their curated selection is modern in design, usually featuring bold colors and patterns.

The Peggy Set is true to West Elm style with its indigo blue upholstery and midcentury modern style. Plus, the Peggy Set is a sectional, which is one of the most trendy couches on the market these days.

Even better, the sectional features a moveable chaise lounge. That means you and your significant other can change it from a left-facing L-shape to a right-facing L-shape to fit your cuddle style or home design.

8. The Tommy Condo Sleeper Sofa From Lazar Industries

Sleeper sofas may seem like a thing only for your guests, but they’re also the perfect spot for cuddling in front of the TV. 

The Tommy Condo Sleeper Sofa from Lazar Industries especially caught our eye for its stylish midcentury mod vibes and affordable price tag. We think it’ll suit your fancy, too, with its soft fabric and extra comfy design.

9. The Stocksund Sofa From Ikea

Ikea is well-known for its stylish, affordable designs. Perhaps not so much for their comfortable couches, though. Their Stocksund sofa is the one exception to that general rule. 

The Stocksund is a compact two-seater, but bigger than a love seat. It offers extra deep cushions, perfect for side-by-side cuddling, or the long-legged lover in your life. Plus, the cushion covers are removable for clean cuddles every time.

Oh, one other thing: Ikea is notorious for its assembly-required products. Make sure the two of you are down for an afternoon of work. Trust us, though, the end product is totally worth it.

10. Custom Cuddle Couches Made for the Two of You

So, none of these awesome couches suit your fancy. Don’t give up on your search for the perfect cuddle couch!

Instead, you can choose to design a cuddle chair or sofa that’s custom-made for you and your partner. 

Cuddling: Not Just for COVID

These cuddle couches will serve you well during the COVID-19 lockdown. Choose the high-quality sofa that suits your unique needs, though, and you’ll get the benefits of comfier cuddling for years to come. 

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