These are the tips that many men want to know. The true secrets to love-making all-night-long are varied, secretive, and hard to pin down. 

From how to get rock hard erections, to how to keep yourself hydrated and working away, there are many questions that demand answers. That’s why we’ve listed these key ways in which you can work on your love-making with the aim of lasting longer in bed.

If you bear these tips in mind, the future of your love-life is almost guaranteed to last just that little bit longer than it would have if you hadn’t.

How Long Do Men Usually Last in Bed?

To understand how to last a long time, we must first define what lasting a long time is based on the average sexual performance of men worldwide.

Of course, there are many variables and factors at play here that affect each instance of love-making.

But there are some statistics that we can draw from in estimating this. We think that the results of certain research into this matter will surprise you.

According to The Conversation, who surveyed several different couples with varying sex lives, the average instance of intercourse will only last approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds. As shown by their research, this is purely the average time of those surveyed, and as mentioned above there are other variables to consider.

Healthline took a different approach and assessed what the optimum time of intercourse for couples should usually be. They concluded that roughly 7-13 minutes should be considered desirable for most couples.

But again, this can differ depending on the couple in question. You know how long you would ideally want to be having sex.

We’re here to let you know techniques to meet and surpass this desirable length of time so that you have the option to last longer if you need it.

Lasting Longer in Bed: Keep Fit

The first thing you can do isn’t so much an instantaneous approach, but a lifestyle choice. The healthier you are, the longer you are likely going to last in bed.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in how good your cardio is. Cardio is a type of fitness that measures how long you can do physical exercise without stopping.

In general, you can improve your cardio through jogging, sprinting exercises, swimming, cycling, and other activities. But sex can be seen as a cardio exercise in itself.

That means that you need to work on your cardio in your everyday life to impact the length of time you can last in your sex life. If you improve the distance you can run without stopping, this improves your breathing and overall health, and will in turn help when it comes to the bedroom.

But as we said at the start of this section, this isn’t a quick fix. This is a lifestyle choice that you will need to decide to make and, more importantly, decide to stick to.

The road to a healthy body is long and arduous and has very few stops along the way. You need to commit to body fitness to be able to see a significant impact on your sex life in the future.

This isn’t the only lifestyle change you can make, however.

Cut Down on Your Alcohol Intake

It’s been proven by many studies that heavy intake of alcohol can cause higher risks of sexual dysfunction. In some cases, you may have drunk too much in one night to obtain an erection or state of arousal at all.

This isn’t even taking into account the other long-term effects of heavy drinking, which can impact your liver and your overall health if continued unchecked. Just having a glass of wine or two in an evening, or a couple of beers isn’t the problem here.

But if you drink far more than the recommended daily amount regularly, then this is a way in which you can change your life to improve your sex life. 

Think about what’s important to you, getting blind drunk, or having the night of your life? If it’s the latter, which it usually is, then put that glass down and start on the water instead.

Quit Smoking to Last Longer

Another lifestyle choice you can make is to quit smoking.

For starters, smoking is known to cause impotence. Many studies note that men who smoke typically possess smaller penises than those who don’t as a result of smoking.

It also significantly affects your lungs and your ability to breathe. Good breathing is of paramount importance when love-making.

That means if you’re serious about lasting longer, you need to consider giving up cigarettes. We’re not talking a short-term surrender of smoking either—we’re talking for good.

This is an incredibly hard thing to achieve if you are addicted to smoking, however. Make sure you are researching and contacting the appropriate charities to help you if you do decide to quit smoking, for the benefit of your sex life or otherwise.

There’s one more important lifestyle change you can make that we want to address before moving on to other approaches. It concerns your sleeping pattern.

Getting More Sleep Can Benefit Your Sex Life

This is a two-way street and more helpful than you might first think. First of all, sleeping more each night will ensure you are properly energized at the start of every day.

This means you can keep more active and alert during the day, and more considerate in the bedroom. But this isn’t the only way in which an improved sleep life can create an improved sex life.

In fact, having great sex can help you to have a great night’s sleep. Because of this, good sleep and good sex go hand in hand, in a cyclical pattern.

That means that if you start getting better sleep first, you can positively impact your sex life and get this cycle started. Once it’s begun, you can get into a much better routine in your daily life and your sex life.

Getting more sleep can help your scheduling each day, which can help you fit more time for your private life. That way, you can focus on what matters to you, including your performance during intercourse.

So, those are the four key lifestyle changes you can make to improve your sex life: keeping fit, quitting smoking, and sleeping more. But there are more immediate changes that you can make that don’t require such vast changes, yet still might help you to achieve results.

Try Changing Things up in the Bedroom

Changing your approaches in the bedroom can help some individuals conquer any erectile problems they might have.

One method you can try to maintain your erection is using a penis ring, also known as a cock ring. This is a particular sex toy shaped like a ring that fits around your penis during intercourse.

It can be a very strange experience to get used to at first, and it isn’t for everybody. Because of this, it isn’t the best way to improve your sex life. But for some, it can be a good thing to try.

Using a penis ring has been proven to help in maintaining an erection, thereby preventing erectile dysfunction. But again, they aren’t for everyone and are also something you’d need to agree to with your partner beforehand.

For some, this could work, but for others, you might want to try some other techniques to last longer in bed. Make sure to communicate with your partner, in terms of what you’d like to do and what they’d be comfortable with.

Sex is always a two-way street, and you need to discuss it together to get the most out of it. This brings us to another approach you can take to last longer in bed, which is looking at sex from a psychological perspective.

Think About Psychological Concerns and Physical Concerns

Sexual intercourse is not just a physical action, it is a mental and emotional investment between two individuals. To understand why you may feel you are underperforming in your sex life or not maintaining an erection, the problem may be more psychological than physical.

If so, different approaches need to be taken to change it. The first thing you need to do is to discuss your issues with your partner.

This clear communication between lovers is vital to both of you achieving the most of each sexual encounter between each other. Not only that, but it will help you grow stronger and closer as people too.

Other factors such as anxiety concerns can have a significant impact on you when it comes to your sex life. These aspects need to be addressed if you are to fix the problem and move forward.

If talking to your partner hasn’t helped, consider how you can approach the problem from a medical standpoint. Or, you can seek out a charity that helps converse with people just like you who suffer from these problems.

It’s important to understand that you are not alone, no matter how you feel. Erectile dysfunction is a very real concern for a huge number of men across the world, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. 

But to properly work towards solving it, you need to consider whether your problem is physical or psychological. If you realize that it is psychological, then you need to talk it through properly and start taking the necessary steps to a remedy.

The Most Reliable Short-Term Solution to Long-Lasting Sex

The above measures can all help you out and will work to differing degrees to different people. But when it comes to lasting longer and fighting erectile dysfunction, the most reliable short-term solution is to use a male enhancement pill.

Male enhancement pills have been designed to target and solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. They’re designed to allow for longer-lasting erections for men, enabling intercourse to last much longer than it would ordinarily.

Not only do they help men to stay hard, but they also target men’s libidos. This can help to encourage intercourse to take place between two people. 

Some of the better male enhancement pills on the market today will also help to boost the stamina of men taking them. This ensures that their erection is maintained and that they are fit and able to continue making love for longer than they would normally.

In the short-term, there is no better solution to lasting longer in bed than male enhancement pills. It can, however, be hard to find the right male enhancement supplier today.

If you are interested, we would suggest looking into Viril-X ( When purchasing male enhancement pills online, you should always be sure to check the website of your purchase first, as well as the details of the product you are buying. 

This ensures you are buying a reliable product safely. We would also suggest only purchasing from websites with trustworthy testimonials that show positive responses. This guarantees that the product has been used successfully by others in the past.

How Can I Find Out More About How to Get Rock Hard Erections?

Now you know some of the best ways to improve your libido, stamina, erection, and sex life. Answers like “how to get rock hard erections” have hopefully already been answered in the sections above.

But if you do have more questions on lasting longer in bed, the best thing to do is to take a look through previous posts on our website. We have several posts and information points that can put you in contact with the people you need for support.

If you are a sufferer of erectile dysfunction, we must reiterate that you are not alone. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it can be fixed if you dedicate yourself to the right approach in the future.