When men are checking out online dating profiles, they might think that you are lying about a few different things. However, you need to be aware that men might be a little bit less perceptive than you in certain areas. Ensure that you have considered what guys will think, and also remember that they might bring these things up when you are talking to them. If you are prepared, you will avoid problems that could make dating a whole lot harder for the both of you.

1. You Were A Cam Model

Men might have met cheap London escorts in the past, and that means they think they know who is hot enough to be a cam model, escort, or any other kind of girl. You should try to think about how you will tell your partner because most people who are trying to date do not want to have issues with this perception. That perception will also go the other way if a guy thinks he recognizes you. If he watches that much porn, you might want to pass.

2. Your Hair Color

Men do not perceive colors with as much clarity as women do. This means that a man could easily mistake dark red hair for brown hair. A man might think your strawberry blondes are brown, and he might think that your dark brown hair is black. These small things will not spoil a relationship, but you can be sure that a guy you are talking to for the first time is going to be very confused. 

3. Your Hobbies

A lot of men do not believe women if they say they like sports or traditionally masculine hobbies. You should be prepared for a basic conversation about the things you like, and you should also be prepared for traditional sports questions. This is a big deal because a lot of men base most of their social activities around sports, and you would like to be there if you plan on dating this guy. 

4. Education

A lot of men will assume that you do not have as much education as you say you do. Because of this, it can be very hard for you to prove to a man that you know what you know. You just need to be sure that you have prepared to field questions about these things before you get to more dating talk in your dating apps.