Tired of the same old routine in the bedroom? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what men want in bed so you can thrill your man every time it’s time to get down and naughty?

Pleasing your partner can open the flood gates to a better sexual relationship. It can strengthen your bond and reveal new truths about one another.

But how do you excite your man every time you have sex? What turns them on?

Don’t panic because we’ve got a list here to teach you how to satisfy a man in bed. Read on below to discover more:

1. Keep The Lights On

Contrary to popular belief, both men and women respond to visual stimuli. Yes, having sex in the dark can be more comfortable and less awkward, especially if that’s how you do it normally. However, you shouldn’t fear to keep the lights on and instead use it to your advantage.

Let your man see you. Arouse him further with a sexy wink, a dance on his lap, and the way you bite your lips or open your mouth to moan. Even the subtlest action can turn a man on so get his attention and don’t hesitate to get naughty in front of him.

Play around with lights too. Instead of always using bright lights, try using red lights or dim lights. This can easily set the mood and turn you both on.

2. Get Vocal

Men love it when their partners show they’re having fun. No, you don’t have to talk dirty like a porn star or moan so loudly like one — though that might turn some men on. You do have to get more vocal and let your man know when you love whatever he’s doing.

Should you try using naughty words? This primarily depends on how comfortable you and your partner are with cussing and kinky language.

Talk about it. Try it. You never know if it turns him on until you give it a shot.

Maintaining communication can help you both understand what turns each other on. It also lets you fully understand his non-vocal signals — that cute face he makes might be a sign he’s in pain, not fun.

3. Take The Initiative

It’s no surprise that women often wait for the man to take initiative. It’s likely because some women expect the man to show his love and desire first. That said, you should take the initiative sometimes too.

Worried you might seem too aggressive? There are ways to work around this.

You can try the subtle route by giving a few lingering kisses, the kind that leaves an impression and makes him want more. Whisper your love and affection into his ear and moan softly, a hint to let him know you’re ready for action.

Of course, there’s the not-so-subtle route too. If he loves receiving oral sex, initiate by offering to give him a blow job. You don’t even have to say it, simply do it and he’ll get the idea.

4. Roleplay

Are you worried your sex life might become stagnant and boring after a while? After all, you’ll only have sex with the same person now for the rest of your life. This is a common fear for people who marry young.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem if you learn to experiment.

Start with the basic roleplaying stereotypes, like he’s the cop and you’re the one in trouble. You can also go with a bad teacher and student setup or a hot maid and master routine.

Roleplaying isn’t as awkward as some make it out. You can get deeper into the role by dressing up the part. The good news is you can find a bunch of kinky costumes online, guaranteeing it isn’t too difficult to give it a try.

5. Experiment With Toys

Speaking of experimenting, don’t hesitate to use some toys. The sky is the limit when it comes to sex toys; you’ll find everything from vibrators to anal plugs and more. There are also toys for the man in your life, such as fleshlights and vibrators to stimulate their prostate.

Some people fear using sex toys because they assume these tools can replace actual sex. That is not the case. No matter how stimulating a vibrator or a dildo can be, there’s nothing as satisfying as the real deal.

Where should you buy some toys? There are two options available: look for a local sex shop or buy them online. You can find most silent male sex toys online and a wide variety of other options but shopping locally gives you the option to hold these toys before buying them.

It’ll be up to your preference to either stick with the convenience of shopping online and getting more choices or to purchase toys the traditional way for an on-hand experience.

6. Touch Every Body Part

Remember how we mentioned playing with your man’s prostate? It’s a good way to turn the table around and help your man reach orgasm without having to masturbate or give oral sex. Massaging the prostate can even lead to multiple orgasms, which can help keep a couple’s intercourse going.

Many couples don’t give it a try because of the common misbelief you can only massage the prostate through anal penetration. While that is a good method, there are other ways to hit a man’s “p-spot.”

One other method is to locate the area between a man’s anus and the base of his testicles. There is a soft spot right there and pressing on it can stimulate the prostate.

7. Fulfill Sexual Fantasies

Ever tried a little bit of BDSM? Do you fancy getting tied up and surrendering all control to your partner? Why not fulfill those fantasies?

Understand what your partner likes to fantasize about and make them a reality. If he wants to dominate you, give him free reigns one night to let him go wild. If he fantasizes about watching you masturbate, give him a show he won’t forget.

Does your partner dream about having sex in the car or recording your intercourse on video? Does your partner fantasize about roleplaying, using toys, or doing it rougher than usual? Fulfill these fantasies to turn him on even more and make him excited to do it again!

8. Go Outside The Bedroom

Even with all these tips, sex can get boring if you do it on the same bed and in the same room all the time. Explore new avenues to add some life into your sexual routine.

You don’t have to go outside. Even moving to have sex in the shower or the living room can provide a brand new, exciting experience.

That said, don’t be afraid to get frisky outside! It can be fun to have sex or to give him a blow job in the dressing room or at the beach. Try inviting him for a quickie in the public bathroom or the car while at a parking lot.

9. Dress Up

Hoping to learn what men want in bed? Sometimes, it’s not always about penetration and wild play. There are times when you can get your man excited simply by wearing the right attire.

We mentioned roleplaying and you can go one step further with the right costume. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a sexy French maid costume or a kinky bunny outfit.

Keep in mind you should also pick attires that leave little to the imagination but still cover enough to get him thrilled. Try out a few sexy lingerie pieces or at least a sexy pair of panties and bra to turn him on the instant he sees you in them.

10. Play With Yourself

Saving the best for last, you can turn a man on by letting him sit in front of you and watch you play with yourself. Masturbate in front of your husband or boyfriend. Allow him to see you in your most exposed, erotic moment.

Men love watching women play solo. It’s visual stimuli like no other and it shows how much you want to please him.

It’s also the best way to introduce some of the other tips on this list. For example, you can dress up in sexy lingerie and start playing with yourself while you talk dirty or beg for him to dominate you. Don’t hesitate to get as kinky as you want and, when you can no longer hold out, invite him to masturbate too or to help you.

It might be a good chance for him to go down on you!

Now You Know What Men Want In Bed!

Knowing what men want in bed is only half the battle. The other half involves discussing these things with your partner and trying them out. Not all of these steps may turn on your partner but others will so don’t hesitate to experiment.

But why stop here? We offer a ton more lifestyle and relationship tips. Feel free to peruse through our other articles and guides right now and discover all the tips and tricks you need!