It’s no secret that Orlando is considered the world’s capital for theme parks. It’s a premier destination with an incredible amount of choice, but no matter what you pick you’re bound to have a great time. Because Florida has some amazing theme parks in general, there are a few tricks to enjoying them to their fullest potential, mostly so that you won’t let other people get in the way of your enjoyment.

Get your tickets ahead of time

When you’re planning on visiting a theme park – any theme park, in fact – you better be prepared ahead of time. Try to avoid getting tickets at the very moment, because that way you might not get in, or you could potentially be stuck for hours at the front gate. Purchasing tickets online is a great way to cut down on time, but also on cost, as that way you’ll be able to find a significant discount on tickets.

Arrive as early as possible

Orlando’s theme parks are always packed with people. No matter how early you bought your tickets, you still have to potentially deal with lines and queues. The best advice to skip the mob of people at the gates would be to arrive there before them. Sleeping in is always nice, true, but if you want the best theme park experience getting early in the morning is a must.

Wear good shoes

Enjoying theme parks is never about fashion, so considering foregoing fashionable shoes. Not because your appearance won’t matter, but rather you’d be spending a lot of time on your feet. Because of that, you’d want to feel as stable as possible, and good shoes are the way for that. Make sure you and everyone else in your group are wearing sturdy, durable shoes to avoid feeling fatigued merely an hour after entering.

Avoid the crowds

Plenty of studies have been made specifically about people’s behavior in theme parks. When large groups of people enter a theme park they almost always immediately go left – and you should do the opposite. Considering going on the right to avoid the crowds. Not that you won’t be surrounded by large groups of people anyway, but that way you’ll make sure to not be around a mob of people that haven’t decided what they want to try out first.

Prepare as much as possible

Whenever you visit a theme park you should always have everything neatly prepared. Whether that’s electronic or clothes, it doesn’t matter. If you plan on taking photos – and let’s face it, everybody does – then one of the first things you should do is charge your phone the night before. Carrying snacks and beverage is practically a must, as you’ll definitely go hungry and thirsty during your visit to any theme park. Also, keep in mind the season – you might need sunscreen, or umbrellas, or anything else season specific.

Orlando has some of the best theme parks in the world. Even though you’re bound to have a lot of fun merely by being there, preparing for most eventualities is a must.