One of the most common misconceptions about cruises is that they’re designed for groups of at least 2 people. This is changing quickly in the modern world, as solo cruises are becoming much more popular with every day. In fact, it’s never been easier to book a holiday that caters for single travellers, which will easily allow you to have an adventure you won’t soon forget. There are a few things to know before embarking, however.

Keep the ship size in mind

When you’re still in the research and deciding phase, the first thing you should ask yourself is what type of cruise you’re looking for. There are ships of all sizes, and many of them cater to different types of experiences, so don’t go looking for the largest ship if you want a more intimate traveling experience. The reverse also holds true, especially if you’re looking for a more bombastic and adventurous trip.

Talk to everybody you can

The best part about going on a solo cruise is that you have the reigns on your trip. But if you don’t connect to people you’ll soon come to a realization that you’re doing everything alone, and unless you absolutely want that, then make sure to talk to everybody. Chances are that most, if not all, people on that cruise are in a similar situation such as yourself, and they’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet new people onboard.

Partake in activities

Unless your plan is to get away from everything and enjoy solitude, then you definitely want to actively partake in whatever is happening at the moment. That means to try every activity that you can, from yoga classes, to book clubs, to dancing classes, so that you’ll regularly have new and awesome experiences. This way you’ll have an extra chance to meet with new people, and enjoy something new and fresh at the same time.

Try to chat online ahead of time

More and more cruise companies allow for passengers to chat online on their websites before the cruise has started. This allows everyone to at least have a vague understanding of whom they’re traveling with, if possible, make sure to give this a try. It’s a great way to ensure that you’ll have friendly faces around you when the trip starts, so that you could potentially avoid the awkward phase of feeling alone among strangers.

Loosen up

When you’re on a cruise, the best part is that you can be yourself without issues. Indulge and treat yourself whenever you can, as you’re on that cruise so that you can have the best traveling experience that you can. Make sure to try everything that you can, from spas to simply lounging on the deck while reading a book, because that trip is definitely all about you.

Cruises are a fantastic way for an individual to improve themselves as a person. Single cruises offer an extra opportunity to meet people and just live freely, and they’re a great way to travel in general.