Anyone who visited Disney World during their childhood is likely to agree with my statement that it is one of the most magical places on earth. That is why so many of us want to go back and take our children with us.

We want them to experience just what we did, and we secretly want to experience it ourselves all over again. And for those of us adults who didn’t go as a child many many are desperate to head their live out their childhood dreams.  The truth is, that sometimes adults are more excited about visiting Disneyland than their children. Let’s take a look at the reasons why…

disney world

They can Witness their Children’s dreams come true

Anyone who experienced Disney World knows what joy this place can bring to a Childs life. Having been brought up watching Disney’s Films and characters, dreaming about them and believing them all Disney World truly brings this Magical world to life and can be a magical experience for a child. It is moments like this that will be cherished while a child maintains their innocence before moving into their teens.

Relieve our own childhood memories through our children

Disney found its way into all our hearts through their magical worlds, charming characters and fairytale storylines. While we all grow up a piece of us still wants to hold on to that magic, we all love Disney and now we have the perfect excuse to go to Disney world and experience it again through our children.

Go on the rides we were too scared to go on as children

While Disney World made our dreams come true as children depending on how young you were when we went, you may have missed out on some of the biggest and baddest rides!

Were you too young to go on space mountain or were you simply to chicken? Here’s your chance to visit some of the attractions you missed out on last time around. Pack your camera and you can prove you had the courage this time!

Escape the reality of stressful lives

Sometimes we just want to escape from our stressful lives. Can you think of a place more different than a corporate office to Disney World. A place with no stress, just happiness, a fairytale land where there are no deadlines. The only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. For many people the last time they experienced that kind od freedom was when they were children. This links nicely with my final point!

Behave like children again

Where else in the world can you go back to your routes and enjoy being that big kid that is still hiding inside you! Magical Shows and Entertainment, exciting rides and happy little characters to cheer you up. Adults are forced to grow up so quickly, sometimes it’s just nice to pretend we are children again. Disney world is a rare kind of place that allows adults to embrace their inner child and enjoy themselves to the max.

Disney World is truly a special place and a place that can be enjoyed by both children and adults! Perhaps the perfect family retreat, there is nowhere quite like Disney World!