It doesn’t matter that your summer vacation is still weeks away. If it’s the first holiday you’ve had in a while, then it’s absolutely normal to be obsessed with your trip. Okay, so it’s a little OCD to have your clothes laid out on your bed in order to figure out which outfit to pack weeks in advance, but how else will you decide which looks better for a beachside resort in Greece or a bike tour of Amsterdam?

As you figure out if you have enough space left in your luggage for another pair of jeans, don’t overlook the most important item you’ll bring on your trip: your iPhone 7 Plus. While you may be tempted to power down and go dark during your week (or two) away from the office, resist the urge to disappear completely. Between travel-friendly apps, maps, and its camera, the 7 Plus is an essential all-in-one tool that can enhance your time abroad.

Necessary Hardware: Items to Pack for Your iPhone

You treat the iPhone like your baby, so you might as well pack like it was. But instead of diapers and blankies, we’re thinking of practical accessories that will make sure your handset is ready for heavy use abroad.

Portable Battery Pack

The 7 Plus’ battery never tested well. While it’s not the worst on the market but it’s definitely not the best. Under normal use, it lasts about 12 hours before needing a charge, but your holiday is anything but normal. You’ll be checking maps and translators throughout the day all while capturing the next perfect shot for Instagram.

Walking back and forth from your hotel room in order to get a charge will leave you more exhausted than Trump during his foreign trip. Save yourself the frustration of realizing you still have hours of exploring to do after you killed your battery, and check out a portable power source like an EasyAcc power bank. It can recharge your iPhone while on the go without the need of an outlet, so you can get back to checking routes and snapping selfies in no time.

iPhone 7 Plus skin

Even a relaxing sea-side vacation can put undue stress on your cell. Sand, spills, crumbs, and greasy fingers pose a danger to your Plus. Luckily, you can eliminate these threats from your itinerary by slapping on aniPhone 7 Plus skin. Be sure to check out a manufacturer like dbrand that understands the risks you put your phone through every time you jet-set across the world.

The designers behind dbrand skins use premium 3M vinyl. This material is thin and flexible enough to provide tailor-made coverage that doesn’t interfere with any port or button as it protects the phone from messes and general wear and tear. They can claim the best iPhone 7 Plus skins because they have an insider’s edge on the coolest skins, offering up natural textures and vibrant colors not available anywhere else. With finishes like dragon skin and bamboo, you can customize your handset to look as trendy as your outfit.

International Plugs

You can only rely on your portable battery pack for so long until it too has to be charged. Ideally, you’ll do that when you’re back at your hotel room for the night, except it’s not as simple as plugging your pack and iPhone in before catching some Zs. If you travelled somewhere outside of your home outlet region, none of the cords you brought with you will be able to charge a thing.

A dead phone with no hope of a charge could jeopardize your trip entirely because you won’t have access to itineraries, tickets, and maps essential for the next leg of your journey. Avoid losing juice permanently after the first day abroad by packing a plug adapter that works in your destination’s region. Use this helpful guide to find out what kind of outlet awaits you.

Much to your relief, you’ll notice none of these accessories will take up much room in your suitcase. It’s easy to find space for everything that you need. Both the portable power source and the outlet adapter can fit in the sole of one of your shoes, and the iPhone 7 skin won’t need any more than the phone wraps around — which means you’ll have plenty of space left over for everything else you’ll need on your trip.