Indiana, the USA’s Midwestern state, is known for the strong economic impact on the country, history that stretches back to hundreds of years, and is a prime hub for tourism and entertainment.

Undoubtedly, the most visited and important city in the state is the capital city, Indianapolis, occupying paramount importance in the country.

Famously known as Indy, the city is a destination for all. Are you fascinated by history? Indianapolis is home to some good museums and historic districts – and is a great place for art and history lovers. Find an inclination towards technology, automobiles, and science? Indy’s going to satisfy your curiosity. Looking for entertainment, tourism, and fun time with family or alone? Your destination is Indy.

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Things to do in Indianapolis

  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

    If we say that this museum is only for kids, we would be lying. Easily one of Indy’s most popular tourist destinations, the Children’s Museum is the largest of its kind in the world, occupying 470,000 sq. feet! Spanning five floors, it features artifacts and collections that educate not just kids but also adults about American, cultural, and world history. Apart from that, it also holds a carousel, large dinosaur replicas, and a Treehouse, all of which attract children.
  • Indianapolis Zoo

    Located in proximity to the White River State Park  , the Indianapolis Zoo houses more than 3800 animals categorized into 320 species and sub-species. Apart from that, it features a huge bird sanctuary, a massive aquarium, and a botanical garden—an excellent place to visit with your friends, family, or even alone, especially during Christmastime.
  • Soldiers & Sailors Monument

    Indianapolis is home to the second-largest collection of monuments and memorials dedicated to war veterans in the USA. This particular monument was integrated in 1902, at the Monument circle area. It is dedicated to all the war veterans right from the American Revolutionary War to the Civil War. The monument also features a museum and souvenir shop.

Hotels in Indianapolis near the football stadium

The Lucas Oil Stadium is the football stadium located in downtown Indy, known for being the home stadium for the NFL and USL teams of Indianapolis.

You want to book your room at a hotel that is close to the stadium so that you can have convenient access to it. Also, the stadium being in the downtown part of the city is a huge plus. Maybe, after your stadium visit, you can have something nice to eat at one of the hippest restaurants in downtown Indianapolis.

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites

    Located at 410 S Missouri Street is this 2-star hotel, adjacent to the stadium. The rooms are neatly designed and presented for a family of 3, or even 4. Apart from that, the hotel also hosts a medium-sized pool and gym and spa. Do not forget to miss the complimentary breakfast. The per-day rate ranges between $100-$150.
  • Hyatt Place Indianapolis

    Although a little above budget, the Hyatt Place is worth every dollar. It is located at 130 S Pennsylvania Street, reasonably close to the stadium and marketplace. The Hyatt hosts an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant cum bar, and a spacious terrace serving a breathtaking view. The rooms are premium-class, and the per-day rate ranges between $150-$200.
  • Crowne Plaza

    One of the most popular places for travelers, the Crowne Plaza is a spacious 3-star hotel housed at 123 W Louisiana Street. Its quality is second to none; the hotel features a large corporate meeting hall, a lovely medium-sized swimming pool, and a beautifully designed bar to spend your evening. The per-day rate ranges from $150-$200.

Indianapolis skyline

Indianapolis is one of the major hubs of the Midwest economy, and a cultural and historical center of Indiana puts at display some of its well-known structure in the city’s skyline.

Most of the skyline of the city has buildings that are located in the downtown area. Some of those buildings are The Salesforce Tower, OneAmerica Tower, Regions Tower, 300 North Meridian, and the JW Marriott Indianapolis.

One would ask which the best places are to take a gorgeous view of the skyline; well, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument is a good location for starters. The Regions Tower and the JW Marriott Hotel are other suitable locations; the Indianapolis Museum bridge is another people’s favorite, serving a nice flat view.

Our Verdict

Now, if you have got your esta application us confirmed, then you should not be putting your trip to Indy off anymore.

Traveling to the Midwest and not visiting Indianapolis is something you do not want to do; the guilt is too much, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your ticket.