Florida is a great state to live in as well as visit but like anywhere it has both its positive aspects and negative aspects. There is a wide variety of people in Florida from those that have retired there to some of the largest names in Hollywood. The wide variety of people from outside of the country is what makes Floridian cuisine so special. The important part of moving to Florida is researching the area, schools, things to do, and prices of the average home there. The following are things to consider when living to Florida as well as what you need to be aware of. 

What To Consider

Being Able To Live A Short Drive From The Beach Can Be A Reality 

Being able to have zero plans then head to the beach is a reality as you will never be more than 60 miles from the beach. For people that had to drive hours this can be a great escape for the day. Make sure that you lather up with sunscreen though as that beautiful trip for the day to the beach could hurt for days with skin peeling for weeks after. Not all beaches are created equal either but many of the more popular ones are also popular with tourists. Finding a few inlets or local beaches to frequent is recommended. 

If You Love Happy Hour You’ll Love It There

With all of the tourists as well as retirees it is not uncommon to see happy hours filled with interesting people daily. For those people looking to grab a drink a few days a week there overlooking the water there is no shortage of options. Great deals at many of these establishments are common as the retirees are on a fixed income. 

Snow Is No Longer A Reality In South Florida

Snow is not really a reality in North Florida either as it does not happen much more than every few decades. It has been over 40 years since South Florida has seen snow which is almost unheard of .For those people wanting to see snow visiting other states will make you happy you get to go back to shorts and t-shirt weather. There will be a few “cold” weeks for Floridians where they are complaining about the high being in the 60’s. If you do not believe that, you will when you move here as it is the only thing locals can talk about. 

Be Aware That

Florida Has Both Its Nice And Not So Nice Areas

Florida has great beach towns as well as areas of high crime as well as poverty. Do the appropriate research before choosing a place to live as it could be close to somewhere that is dangerous. There are also towns that can be a great investment where you will be able to get quite a large home for a  reasonable price. 

The Public School System Is Ranked At The Bottom Of The US

The school system in the nicer areas is decent at some points but Florida schools as a whole rank in the bottom 5 regularly among US states. There are plenty of great schools throughout the state that are both public as well as private though. Florida is one of the most competitive states in high school sports that there is. Florida commonly has top ranked football, basketball, swimming, and every team in between on the national level. For parents wanting their teens to go against the best a move to Florida will do just that. 

Drivers Can Kill You On The Road And Sidewalk 

Drivers in Florida can be aggressive or just aggressively elderly as well as completely unfit to drive. This leads to immensely serious crashes with pedestrians being hit at levels that are among top in the nation. Anyone that is injured needs to contact an attorney as it does happen frequently. A top attorney like that of SteinLaw that is a car accident attorney in Aventura needs to be contacted. You have a small amount of time to file a case before it is too late and you have to cover your medical expenses instead of the person that was at fault. Be careful when on or around roads as you do not want to become another statistic.

Your Relatives Will Always Want To Visit

This could be considered a positive or negative aspect of living in the Sunshine State. Relatives are always going to want to visit you when it is cold in their home state or country. Luckily during the busy times of the year, you can take solace in the face that plane tickets are more expensive. 

As you can see there are things to be aware of in Florida like any location with the positive aspects being immense. Take the time to see which part of Florida would fit your preferred lifestyle moving in the future!