One of Florida’s most popular theme parks is Sea World in Orlando, and it is a park which sees hundreds of thousands of visitors come through its gates each year. If you are preparing a summer trip to Florida when the kids break up from school, this will no doubt be at the top of your list of theme parks which you want to visit. Preparing your visit ahead of time makes a great deal of sense as you can ensure that you hit all of the attractions which you want, and if you buy your Sea World tickets before you go means that you can get some special promotions, and guarantee your entry.

To help you plan your attack when you get to the park, here are 5 of our favorite attractions which we think that you’ll love.

Wild Arctic

It isn’t every day that you can experience the Arctic Ocean, complete with polar bears and many other icy animals, but that is just what you can do here in Sea World. This experience takes you through a number of arctic exhibits where you will see seals, walruses and whales, before taking you on a ride over the Arctic, on a virtual helicopter.

Turtle Trek

This is one of the newest installations here in Sea World Orlando, an attraction which centers around sea creatures like alligators and of course, turtles. During this experience you will enter a huge 3D theater and journey through the depths of the ocean, through the eyes of a sea turtle.


Sea World is not just a place to see live animals, it is, as it has always been, a theme park, and some of the rollercoasters here are spectacular, including Manta. This whirling and bending rollercoaster is designed to make you feel as though you were flying through the air. From above you will be able to see a birds-eye view of the whole park, that is if you can catch your breath of course!


The Kraken has been a favorite of visitors to Sea World since its inception 15 years ago, and it still continues to impress and amaze. Inspired by the mariner legend of a sea beast which dwells on the ocean floor, this rollercoaster will completely rock your world. The rollercoaster is a high speed, twisting and turning rollercoaster which will take you through a number of heart-stopping inversions and death defying heights. Once the ride is over, you will be running back to the queue to go again.


The Antarctica Empire of the Penguin attraction is just a few years old and it has already gained a reputation as being the best of its kind across Florida and the US. This is a ride that will take you through Antarctica at night, gazing on and passing by the animals which call this desolate place their home. The ride makes you feel like you are walking amongst the penguins, crunching across the icy floor and will make you feel as though you have taken that solitary flight to one of the most uninhabitable places on the planet.

Have you been to Sea World before? What were your favorite attractions?