What better way that showing your partner how much you love them than whisking them off on a surprise break? In my view there are none, and this is a great way to get some quality time together, and to give them a beautiful surprise. There are so many options when it comes to travel experiences and destinations which you could choose from, and there are options for just about every budget. Remember that a trip like this doesn’t have to cost the Earth, it is about the element of surprise, and the time which you have spent thinking about creating a great trip that are important. We have put together a few ideas for you on what kind of trip you could embark upon.


Whilst you can of course take a long cruise through the Mediterranean, this is going to be a bit more heavy duty than you are looking for. There are however, a great number of mini cruises which you could look at, that don’t even require you to fly somewhere first. If you decide to go on a no fly cruise from the UK, you could go to places like Amsterdam and Belgium, or even Scandinavia in just a few days. A cruise is luxurious, different and takes you to plenty of places, the perfect break. There are also many new deals on the Virgin Islands worth checking out.


Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and take some time out of your lives for a while. For many however, the idea of spending days in the mud, sleeping in the cold and not being able to cook properly are not too endearing. This is exactly why glamping makes for the perfect surprise package. Glamping is essentially camping, but in a glamorous way, meaning that you will have fresh running water, electricity, a shower and some cooking facilities, inside a specially designed pod. Camping in such a way may go against what traditional campers enjoy, but that won’t matter when you are warm and cosy in your camping pod, looking up at the stars above, this form of camping really offers the best of both worlds.

City Break

Europe has so many outstanding city break options which make for the perfect way to spend a surprise weekend with your partner. Flying from the UK, you can find many great deals and low prices on flights to beautiful cities like Paris, Rome, Brugge, Prague and Barcelona, to name just a few. Many of these European cities are romantic by nature, they offer classical art, new and interesting food, chilled out ways of life plus lots of exciting attractions which you can enjoy during your time there. I would recommend either staying in a boutique hotel whilst you are away, or an AirBnb. Boutique hotels are hotels which have a certain charm and character which a chain hotel does not, and with AirBnb you can find some truly wonderful homes which you can rent, to give you and your partner a beautiful space to spend some time together.

What are you waiting for? Get booked up and whilst your partner away today!