Florence city has many attractions for tourists, but the Uffizi and the Accademia, the giants of the museums in Florence gets most of the visitors. How would you like to visit these 2 places without queuing behind almost 300 tourists, waiting for your turn? The answer is simply city pass. With one of the city passes in Florence, you can easily get a skip-the-line treatment when you get to these busy attraction sites. This article is about to share one of the information that will help save you time and money on your tour of Florence with you.

Before You Buy

Hey, hold on a little. Don’t buy the pass yet. Do you even know what that pass offer? There are other passes that may offer better deals than that pass you want to buy. This article will help you to select the right pass that suits your need on this tour. Use the Florence attraction map to find more attractions easily.


The Florence City Pass provides tourists that have it with cheap sightseeing; fast paced entry into famous and major attractions in the city, and on top of it saves you time and money. It is an all inclusive pass and is valid for 3 days, so you can choose your own destination at your own pace. You will also get discount on sightseeing at different sites other than those available on your pass.

Some of the attractions Included are:

  • Hop-on-Hop-off Florence Big Bus Tour Ticket
  • Jewish Museum and Galleria
  • Academia Gallery
  • Uffizi
  • Walking Tour
  • Museum of Musical Instrument
  • National Archeological Museum
  • Palazzo Strozzi
  • Marino Marini Museum
  • Sancto Spirito Complex Sacristy and many more

The cost of the price is determined by the number of days a tourist wishes to spend coupled with the age of the tourist. The breakdown of the cost is as follows.

Prices (as of January 2019):

  • 1-Day Pass: Adults €59.90 & Teens (ages 12-17) €39.90, Children (ages 4-11) €19,90
  • 2-Day Pass: Adults €69.90 & Teens (ages 12-17) €44.90,  Children (ages 4-11) €24.90
  • 3-Day Pass : Adults €79.90 & Teens (ages 12-17) €49.90,  Children (ages 4-11) €29.90

Firenze card gives parent the opportunity of have a child, just one child, tag along with a parent for free. This means that the under 18 child will enjoy every single thing the Firenze card offers the parent for free. The Firenze card allows you to jump lines and you don’t even need reservations for attraction sites like every other tourist. You will be allowed into almost every major Museum and tourist’s attraction site in Florence if you hold this card. If you have more than 2 children, and both parents buy the Firenze Card, all your children can enter any site and enjoy the Firenze card benefit with you. The Card unfortunately has only 72 hour validity and you only get to visit an attraction once for free.

With a Firenze Card, you will enjoy these attractions:

  • Academia Gallery
  • Church of Santa Croce and Museum
  • Brancacci Chapel
  • Medici Chapels
  • Casa Buonarroti
  • Last Suppers
  • Chiostro dello Scalzo
  • Orsanmichele
  • Palazzo Strozzi
  • Salvatore Romano Foundation
  • Foundation of Science and Technique
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Uffizi Gallery 
  • Casa di Dante Museum
  • Modern Art Gallery – Pitti
  • Palatine Gallery and Royal Apartments – Pitti
  • Boboli Gardens – Pitti
  • Silver Museum – Pitti
  • Costume Gallery – Pitti
  • Porcelain Museum – Pitti
  • Bigallo Museum 
  • Soccer Museum
  • Museum of Opificio delle Pietre Dure
  • Museum degli Innocenti
  • Palazzo Davanzati
  • Museum of San Marco
  • Horne Museum
  • Marino Marini Museum
  • National Museum of Photography Alinari
  • National Museum of the Bargello
  • Bardini Museum and Gardens
  • Stibbert Museum
  • Palazzo Medici Riccardi
  • Church and Cloisters of Santa Maria Novella
  • Synagogue and Hebrew Museum
  • Palazzo Vecchio – Museum and Tower
  • Novecento Museum
  • Forte Belvedere 
  • Museum House of Enrico Caruso
  • Cycling Museum Gino Bartali
  • Library Medicea Laurenziana
  • Museo Casa Rodolfo Siviero 
  • Museum of Casa Martelli 
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Museum
  • Baptistery
  • Giotto’s Bell tower
  • Cupola / Dome
  • Museum of Opera del Duomo
  • Medici Villa of La Petraia


The Firenze Card costs just €72 for the 72 hours you are to use it

Final Verdict

Depending on the amount you plan to spend on your tour, you can easily choose between the Paris Pass and the Turbo pass as both of them are quite interesting and will offer as much fun filled tour as you can get in Paris. Low budget tourists will go for Turbo pass anyways.

Click on the Firenze Card for more information.