When you’re planning a trip, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where to stay. Will you get an Air BnB, find a hostel, or book with the cheapest chain hotel you can find? If you’re looking for the best way to really experience the place you’re visiting, staying in boutique hotels is the way to go.

Boutique hotels can offer a variety of charms, not least of which is a unique opportunity to engage in the city you’re traveling to. Read on to discover what makes boutique hotels so amazing.


One of the biggest defining characteristics of a boutique hotel is its small size. Where major corporate hotels have hundreds of rooms, boutique hotels usually have between ten and a hundred. Booking hotel rooms in these places can be tricky, so make sure you use a good service.


A major part of the appeal of boutique hotels is their unique flair. If you’ve stayed in one Holiday Inn, you’ve stayed in them all, and you miss a major opportunity to make new experiences a part of every step of your trip. Boutique hotels may be situated on a series of piers in tropical oceans, made of ice with domes that look out on the aurora borealis, or just tucked into an artsy neighborhood in a city.


When we travel, most of us want to dive headfirst into the culture of the place we’re visiting. Staying in a boutique hotel gives you a chance to truly immerse yourself in that culture. You won’t be getting some packaged tourist experience from a major international hotel, but an authentic local stay.


If you’re looking for personal connections and high levels of service during your travels, boutique hotels are a good choice for you. Major hotel chains only have so many staff members to see to the needs of all their customers. But in a smaller hotel, you may be one of only a dozen guests, making it easier for your service to be custom-tailored for your needs.


One of the best parts of travel is experiencing the food of a different culture. From street food to fine dining restaurants to little cafes, it is a thrill to discover amazing new cuisines. If your boutique hotel doesn’t have a restaurant built right in, they’ll be able to direct you to the best places to eat in the area.


Another amazing part of traveling is meeting new people and making connections with fellow adventurers. If you’re sitting in the breakfast area of a Best Western, you’re likely to meet only tourists who want to get the photo op and go home. In a boutique hotel, you’ll meet other people who have the same philosophy about travel.

Find Amazing Boutique Hotels

Whether you’re traveling across the world or just down the highway, the place you stay should be as much a part of the experience as your itinerary. Staying in boutique hotels affords you the chance to engage with the place you’re visiting in powerful ways.

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